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Help us educate people across Arizona and the country by sharing your story. It's stories like yours that provide information and ammunition to others whose lives have been upended.

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Investing in the most important job you'll ever have might be the wisest decision you'll ever make. Our parent coaches can help with the unknown and give you peace of mind by educating you ...

Our Vision

All families are strong and have the resources they need to raise their children in a healthy productive supportive environment.

The Arizona Family Rights Project believes that family is the center of a society. In the healthy family, love and unconditional devotion yields the highest form of human connectivity. Communities founded on healthy families create the greatest promise for a moral and economically vibrant society. Family relationships transcends all time, generations, race, and geography. It creates a rich human tapestry and a fullness of life not achievable by any other means.

Family is the foundation of a dynamic, civil society and a robust, growing economy that allows people to develop, grow and achieve far more than they could on their own. We believe that the institution of marriage provides natural safeguards for children, parents and the entire family that a just and free nation must labor to protect.

We believe every child has a birthright to be parented equally, fully and lovingly by a father and a mother alike unencumbered by state interference. We affirm also that a child benefits from the love, guidance and nurturing of all family members including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. To these ends, the Arizona Family Rights Project dedicates itself to safeguarding the family, and the parent-child bond, through fellowship, education, community involvement, political activism, and lobbying for family rights, all with the goal to support the family unit.