CPS Social Workers Should Have Psychological Evaluations

All CPS social workers should have psychological evaluations – here’s why. In today’s email I received the following message from a distraught parent:

I know I’ve told my story before on here, but I want ALL to know what an absolutely WORTHLESS agency CPS is!

The case worker at the time that was harassing my family was Mark Workinger who later was convicted of child pornography. Yes, this is the type of people that are in this agency!

This man harassed us, threatened to take our children away and we didn’t do a damn thing wrong!

Mark Workinger was a CPS social worker who plead guilty to child molestation, not just pornography. His crime involved numerous contacts with a young girl between Jan. 1, 1998, and Aug. 31, 2001. At least, this is the one crime he was imprisoned for. God knows how many others there were!

He worked for child protective services between February 2001 and Nov. 13, 2010.

Source: Child Protective Services worker pleads guilty to child molestation. Yes, he was a CPS worker at the time he did this!

From the article:

“Mark Edmond Workinger, 56, of Castle Rock [Washington] admitted to Superior Court Judge Michael Evans that he made a young girl touch him in a sexual manner on numerous occasions between Jan. 1, 1998, and Aug. 31, 2001. The girl was not a CPS client, but Workinger was a CPS employee for part of that time.”

He got the child protective services job during the time this ongoing molestation was happening!

Sheri Hill, public-relations agent for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, stated that he was placed on leave AFTER his arrest. They never caught on. They think they can protect children but who knows how many child molesters they’ve hired? As we all know, child molesters like to work where they’ll have access to children. What better place than a child protective services agency where children are forced to live away from the loving protectiveness of their own parents?

Hill claimed that most of Workinger’s job “involved evaluating the homes of potential foster parents or adoptive parents” – but apparently he was also involved in investigations, as our informant’s family was threatened by him.

In typical CPS “don’t blame us” fashion, Hill stated that Workinger went through a criminal background check when he was hired, and that he had no record of arrest and was not listed in the state’s central index of child abusers. She said, “There’s almost no way to know (about an unreported crime) unless you find out something, and then you take action, as we did with this case.”

NO. There IS another way they could test prospective and current child protective services employees – and that is by forcing them to take psychological evaluations every year that they work in the child welfare program. Having them tested annually would allow psychologists to be aware of any fabrications or changes.

It is about time to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN by keeping them safe from child molesters employed in child protective services agencies. States that don’t have a law forcing psychological evaluations on these people should be sued.