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March 6, 2013 Department of Children and Families News Letter Social Workers Help Children, Families, Vulnerable Adults in Need

There are several Social workers who really care and take their cases very personal and not just a job or paycheck. Those are few that are deserving of recognition, here in the 20th circuit.Since 2005, I have been a court watcher at the Lee County Justice Center, I have seen success stories, However, I have seen more Horror in Family and Dependency courts.In my experience with the Florida Child Protection System, I can assure you what I have seen and heard is beyond disbelief. I know every one of the Fl Status 39 and stay up to date on all revisions, which I find that the Sub-Contracting Agencies are NOT complying with at all.I and my fellow court watchers across this state , find this Extremely Disturbing.As a voice for the last 8 years, I have made my position very well known. So known, that my door was knocked on too many times with false allegations with the hope that one day, Something would stick.Having the knowledge I do, Your case workers were unable to prove or pursue.In 2010, They finally found something to suck us into the system of corruption. With NO Allegations or Association, My grand-daughters estranged mother, who had abandoned her in 2004 and lost her rights to 1 child in New Jersey (2010) , Gave birth while having a drug addiction, which was passed to another new innocent child. Now, we have a legitimate case with this mother..Because my son and her were never married and there was NO legal court order of custody, We became victims to the system. My son had to jumped threw hoops of fire for 2 1/2 years before his portion of the case was closed.The mother and other father, did not attend court hearings and were non-compliant with their case plansThe one thing I have found to be a benefit from being a victim and a court watcher, Is I know all the players. I have done my research, I have watched them closely, I listen to them intensely and I can see the money trail that hold families hostage.The system is Black and White, There should be No shades of Grey for either the Court or the case management. The Status are defined as such to be followed, Not to be interpreted by anyone differently.Here in the 20th , I can say honestly that only 1 Supervisor and her staff at DCF , Follow the laws, Genuinely, in the best interest of the children and help to the fullest degree, Above and Beyond, To help the children or families reunite.The Courts, Family Court does not reaffirm Standing orders from Dependency Court, Dependency Court holds NO weight in Family court at all. The entire Family Court system is for profit. Regardless of any standing order, You must BUY your child to have legal custody. The entire Family court system is not in the best interest of the family or the children…In closing, I have some very strong advice. The 20th Should be investigated and NOW.. Rumors are that several seasoned DCF employees are leaving . Those in charge, have Never done their job to know their job. You are about to see the this circuit implode. Working lunches at the bar are not meant to be.. Lucifer Services supervisors and case managers should not be entertained by DCF Operations.The click of drunks, Should NOT be openly seen and heard during court recess.Professionalism is Non-existent, when the public can hear them cursing and bad mouthing fellow workers. One of which was referred too as a fucking cunt for knowing how to do her own job and the job of that OPA . Making sexual remarks about male staff members is very inappropriate to say the least and offensive..(Not to jeopardize the job of the seasoned well known person, she was speaking of, I will keep that to myself unless needed in the future.)I will be watching and listening in the coming weeks, The interest of what will be happening is too hard to resist and I sincerely Hope, You take my advise. Remember the Black Eye the media will have in store, as they feed off failure. And, The BEST INTEREST of the families..Marian B. Scirrotto
Founder : And Justice 4 all
“Committed to Change”
“If you can read this, thank a teacher-and, since it’s in English, thank a soldier !!”

And they did NOT take my advise,However,They
DID go back for my grand-daughter !

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After fourth child dies despite DCF’s watch, judge concludes: ‘the system is not working’

Despite claims of Secretary David Wilkins and Gov. Rick Scott that the state is doing a good job managing the troubled child welfare system, critics of the Department of Children & Families told the Miami Herald on Wednesday that the recent “cluster” of child deaths suggests the agency is in deep trouble.

cohen[1]Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jeri Beth Cohen, who chairs the county’s foster care oversight board called the Community-Based Care Alliance, said she could not recall any time in recent history in which so many young children had been killed after the state had been given meaningful opportunities to save them. Two of the four recent deaths involved small children from Miami-Dade.

“We have a very severe systemic problem,” Cohen said. “The system is not working, and it’s scary.”

“Every single one of these deaths could have been avoided,” said Cohen who was a veteran child welfare judge before transferring to Miami’s drug court, where she often still deals with parents whose addictions undermine their parenting. “You can’t explain away this many child deaths in this short a period of time where the state’s child protective investigation system is implicated. It’s urgent and it’s serious and it’s unconscionable..'

Wilkins, who was appointed to head the agency by Scott after a career as a corporate executive, has traveled the state in the past few months proclaiming that the host of changes made following a 2011 child death scandal have made Florida children safer. ” Story here. 

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Sex offender awarded custody of 6-year-old


Nicholas Elizondo, who was recently awarded custody of his 6-year-old daughter despite his sex offender status, is seen in a photo from the California Megan's Law website, a registry of sex offenders.

A judge in Oklahoma City awarded custody of a child to 55-year-old Nicholas Elizondo, who is a registered sex offender from Bakersfield.

The child is Elizondo's 6-year-old daughter. The ruling left the girl's mother bewildered, she said.

"I just don't understand," said Lisa Knight, the child's mother.

Elizondo was convicted in 1995 of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age.

Knight and Elizondo were married and living in Bakersfield. Knight moved to Oklahoma after becoming pregnant with the couple's only child. They divorced in 2008, and Knight had custody of their daughter.

Elizondo was granted supervised visits, and later unsupervised visits, with his daughter, and he would travel to see her in Oklahoma, or his daughter would be taken to see her father in Bakersfield.

In court documents, Elizondo said he filed for custody after Knight stopped allowing him to see his daughter.

After a lengthy custody battle, Oklahoma County 7th District Court Judge Howard Haralson ruled on Monday in favor of Elizondo and granted him custody of the couple's daughter, despite Elizondo's record of child sex abuse.

"There isn't anything prohibiting a judge from giving a person convicted of that once they've done their time and they're off probation or parole," said Kern County Assistant District Attorney Scott Spielman. "There is a lot to be taken into account, but you'd think that there would be a great deal of weight given to a person that actually was charged and convicted and went to prison for molesting a child under 14."

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State senator in sex-abuse inquiry


Rick Murphy
Republican District 9

Arizona Sen. Rick Murphy, a foster and adoptive parent who identifies himself as a leader on child-welfare issues, is under investigation by Peoria police and state Child Protective Services for allegations he sexually abused children in his care, according to police records.

Police said the investigation was launched Saturday, after an older teen reported repeated incidents of alleged abuse by Murphy going back at least six years. The teen also self-reported his own inappropriate sexual contact with another child in the home, the reports show.

CPS officials would not say whether they have removed any of the seven children living at the Peoria home of Murphy, 41, and his wife, Penny, 48.

The allegations prompted police to reopen an inactive 2011 case involving Murphy and a teenage foster child, Peoria City Attorney Steve Kemp told The Arizona Republic. According to a Peoria police report obtained by The Republic, the teen accused Murphy of fondling him underneath his clothing every other day for more than a month and offering to buy him a bicycle if he kept quiet.

Murphy has not been arrested or charged in either case. Late Thursday, Murphy said in a statement, “As a family, we have decided we have no comment.”

In 2011, CPS and police removed all seven children living in the four-bedroom home — the alleged victim, two adopted teens and four other foster kids — the same day the boy told his caseworker Murphy had abused him, the 2011 police report states.

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Exclusive: Kids returned to mom after false drug arrest

9155007_600x338[1]MIDDLE VILLAGE, Queens (WABC) -- A Queens mother was reunited with her children taken away from her after she was hit with false drug charges.

Last week, Eyewitness News reported on how those criminal charges were dismissed, and now the family is back together.

But, the mother's battle to clear her name is not yet over.

Being home with mom is now extra special for Elizabeth Pineda's three children. They were taken from their mother and put in foster care with a relative back in April after the 31-year-old was charged with drug possession, and locked up on Rikers Island for two weeks.

"I didn't deserve to be in jail, I didn't deserve to lose my kids especially," Elizabeth Pineda said.

"When I went to see her I started crying," said Karina Pineda, Elizabeth's daughter.

For Karina's 11th birthday, Pineda took her oldest daughter, to celebrate with some other girls at a party center on Long Island.

She asked a family friend, a handyman, who lived in the basement of the Forest Hills apartment, to watch 5-year-old Kenny, and 4-year-old Mia.

He left them alone, allegedly to make a drug deal on the street and was nabbed by cops.

"I left them babysitting with someone else. He made a mistake and he left them alone," Elizabeth Pineda said.

Pineda was arrested at the 104th precinct when a narcotics detective, Vincent Esposito, claimed she said she lived in the Forest Hills apartment where drugs were found.

"He lied, he lied about everything," Elizabeth Pineda said, "ACS determined I was guilty of neglect just because he said I live someplace where I don't live."

Pineda says the worst part was the embarrassment after her arrest.

The parents of Karina's birthday friends had to pick them up at the 104th precinct.

"What were they telling parents?" Eyewitness News Investigative Reporter Sarah Wallace asked.

"Pretty much I was a drug dealer," Elizabeth Pineda said.

Eyewitness News was there when the criminal charges were dismissed.

Pineda's lawyer proved she and the kids live in Middle Village.

And now, the kids are back home.

"It's much better right now," Karina Pineda said.

But Elizabeth Pineda's legal battle is not totally over. She still has to fight a neglect charge in family court. She is suing the city over the entire ordeal.


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