Kiss Parent Coaching

The most challenging job any person could face in a lifetime is the raising of a child to be a successful and well adjusted adult! We now live in a very different world and all of the rules have changed with greater challenges and stressors. With over 80,000 books offered by Amazon on the topic of parenting, which do you choose? Where do you turn? Who do you listen to? Many of these books have 180 degree opposing viewpoints and methods! This sometimes leaves confused and caring parents at odds with no definitive way to turn. Even the most loving and well meaning parents are experiencing heartbreaking failure time and time again all across this country! It is a nationwide epidemic with the lives of children and our families in the balance! Where do you turn in this world that our children live in, that has become so chaotic and so morally bankrupt!

... The KISS approach to parenting is based on the long term study of traditional parenting concepts that over time have been proven to work for centuries and in fact, they work very well in today's world! With just simple adjustments in the way you speak to your child you will see a remarkable turnaround for the better.

KISS will help you to think very differently about your current approach to parenting your children. KISS is without question the easiest and most pain free approach to "great" parenting and for having the well behaved children you have always wanted ... TODAY!

We are John Rosemond certified parent coach. Rosemond parenting is based on love and leadership; parents become leaders whose children choose to follow their leadership!

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    There are over 15,000 children in foster care in Arizona and its growing at almost 50 children a day. these families need help know.

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