Arizona’s state sanctioned kidnap-for-profit scheme

Injustice-lights-framed-dreamstime_xs_19885693My name is Karla Johnson and my family is committed to expose Arizona’s state sanctioned kidnap-for-profit scheme and the kidnapping of my three grandsons, Isaiah, Wilfredo and Josiah to plunder federal funds.

Our family fell victim, as many families here in Arizona to the corruption of unlicensed, untrained CPS social workers who write fraudulent reports to the court, commit fraud and perjury ‘under oath;’ and police officers who break into your home and unlawfully seize children without a warrant or a court order; the willful malicious prosecution of my daughter, Sara, the mother of these boys by Arizona Attorney General, Tom Horne; corrupt judges who violate their oath of office and commit TREASON while suppressing my daughters exculpatory evidence … Specifically, doctor’s reports that counter the false allegations by CPS and continued to allow the state to kidnap these children; court-appointed attorneys appointed by the Public Defender’s Office violated the AZ Rules of Professional Conduct when they refused to submit these doctor’s reports, and other medical evidence that prove CPS’ allegation of “medical neglect of seizures” was false.

My youngest daughter Sara, the mother of these boys was targeted by CPS as a vulnerable single mother. CPS supervisor, Rhonda Cash did not like it when I supported my daughter’s claim of innocence that Isaiah was not medically neglected and on May 4, 2009 CPS had Phoenix police officers detain Sara and myself, while other officers broke into our home to unlawfully seize Isaiah. They threatened Sara’s older sister, Erica and I with arrest. Rhonda Cash, made her personal VENDETTA against me very clear when she told to my daughter “I am taking your son because your mother pissed me off;." She promised me that fateful day she that would make sure I would NEVER see Isaiah again!! Subsequently CPS workers unlawfully seized Sara’s second son, Wilfredo in Oct. 2009 and third son Josiah in June 2011 directly from the hospitals, right after their birth stating that they were taking them because they “already had Isaiah.”

We filed several motions containing doctor’s reports which prove CPS’ allegations are false in all AZ courts - Superior Court, Court of Appeals – Division One, and the AZ Supreme Court. Courts altered records and clerks denied my daughter, Sara her 1st Amendment right to “petition government for redress of grievances” when they falsely claimed that she is NOT a party to the case! Eventually, we filed a federal Civil Rights Complaint in the US District Court, which Magistrate Michelle Burns unlawfully dismissed before we served summons to the Defendants and before a jury trial. Our appeal to the Ninth Circuit was denied as circuit judges, Schroeder and Tashima also issued their ruling before we filed our opening brief and they used fraud and the threat of financial and punitive action if we didn’t drop the case.

All in all Twenty three state and federal judges willfully suppressed and disregarded my daughter’s doctor’s reports which refuted CPS’ false allegations and acted outside of their authority, violated our constitutionally protected right to due process and our civil rights, committed fraud in their orders when they repeated CPS’ false allegations as fact to assist the Attorney General Tom Horne with the malicious prosecution of my daughter, my family to take my grandchildren for profit, children who were NEVER abused nor neglected.

We presented this evidence, reported these crimes to Governor Brewer, Clarence Carter the Director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security/CPS, other governmental authorities including our own Arizona Legislators, and we submitted a Presentment for Indictment to the Maricopa County Grand Jury, all of which have blocked our efforts to expose the kidnapping of my grandsons and therefore have guilty knowledge and have become accessories after the fact pursuant to 18 USC 3 and 18 USC 4.

A Forensic Investigator, Zed McLarnon has completely researched our case, and the District Attorney Bill Montgomery’s lead investigator, Detective Alan Walker both concur that Dr. Chapman’s report of June 18, 2009 should have put to rest CPS’ original false allegation of medical neglect - Isaiah should have been returned, and his brothers should have never been removed. Det. Walker further stated on Aug. 13, 2012 – these boys are going to be returned and CPS workers are going to jail.

Currently, Detective Alan Walker in collusion with Bill Montgomery have purposely stalled our Criminal Investigation as Det. Walker called me on Sept. 12, 2012 and threatened me with arrest in violation of 18 USC 1512. The recording of his threats can be found at

A forensic documentary by Zed McLarnon with all of the details of our case is posted on YouTube “Kidnapping in Arizona” at , and our evidence is posted on web site for all to see.

Our Constitutionally protected rights guarantee our right to be free from state tyranny and government corruption. Our God given right, our natural rights, protected by the Constitution guarantees our right to parent our children and our right to be secure in our own homes. Our fight for justice will continue until my grandsons are returned home.



The state-sanctioned kidnapping of Sara Ybarra-Johnson’s three sons under color of law – human trafficking of children for profit!

Forensic investigator, expert witness and documentary filmmaker, Zed McLarnon, and expose Arizona’s kidnap for profit racketeering scheme with supporting Exhibits posted at that reveal the crimes used to kidnap Sara Ybarra-Johnson’s three sons under color of law, including:
- false allegations of abuse and perjury by Child Protective Services;
- malicious prosecution, suppression of evidence and subornation of perjury by Attorney General Tom Horne;
- suppression of exculpatory evidence, alteration of court documents and rulings based in fraud by over twenty state and federal judges,
- and public defenders that refuse to submit their clients’ evidence to unlawfully remove children from parents they know to be innocent – to plunder federal funds that drive the abuse industry - the human trafficking of children for profit.

Zed uses evidence to trace the cover up of the court crimes and kidnapping of Sara’s three boys in Maricopa County courts, CPS and the AG Tom Horne’s Office through federal courts, the Dept. of Justice, the US House Judiciary and Oversight Committees to Congress, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama.

Barack and Michelle Obama kept $15.5Million of the campaign contributions from lawyers and law firms (their biggest contributors), judges, police officers, CPS workers, court personnel social workers across the country that profit from the Abuse and Divorce Industries and the funding that drives them, the Violence Against Women Act and the Child Support Incentive Grant that McLarnon discovered in the mid-1990’s.

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