No help in sight

mkbntg2ibfqq7bmwem6l[1]My story is long and still unfolding. I am currently in a battle to save my grandson. His father is a violent man. At this time, this violent mans family is manipulating the agencies in my state and attempting to take my grandson from his mother. My family has made multiple inquiries begging for help. We have asked the Department of Children and Families for help and at the very least welfare checks on my grandson. There have been multiple investigations substantiating the fathers violence which on 4 occasions has taken place in the presence of my grandson. Yet DCF has continued to allow him uninhibited access to this small child and even allowed my grandson to reside without supervision in the home where the violence took place. At.this time I may have to become a fugitive for trying to protect him. No state agency here will help him.

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