Why I Cry!

article-2300532-18F9624A000005DC-392_634x516[1]My family has been ripped apart! Princess and Dorothy, two beautiful girls who are a part of me. I love them and they are my blood. They are and always will be my biological grandchildren.

Princess and Dorothy, two beautiful girls who are a part of me. I love them and they are my blood. They are and always will be my biological grandchildren.

The state of Minnesota didn't blink an eye giving them, my grandchildren, away without giving us a call or a chance to get to know them and love them. This happened after numerous ongoing attempts to work with the interstate transfer system between Minnesota and Mississippi .

Regarding the treatment I obtained by the Minnesota and Mississippi Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) office. Their actions caused me to loose custody of my precious grandchildren.

Both Minnesota and Mississippi state agencies supported giving me custody of my grandchildren. However, the countless delays filtered an ongoing battle between Minnesota DHS, the Minnesota district court, and the Minnesota State Supreme Court.

Both state agencies, along with the ICPC process failed to protect my children by failing to adequately and timely process the necessary paperwork to complete the interstate transfer.

These delays caused my grandchildren to sit in a foster home and to prolong their placement. Which ultimately caused me to loose my rights to my grandchildren. The result was devastating. My grandchildren were eventually seized by the Minnesota DHS department, and adopted out to the foster parents who were caring for them.

Later I learned through the discovery process that the social service workers and the foster parent were behind the scenes manipulating the process in order to purposely hold my children in the foster home and later claim it would not be in the best interest of the children to be moved from their foster parents. They even created a so called special needs claim in which one of the State Supreme Court justices, justice Alan Page, addresses in his dissent. If you read his dissent posted below in the supreme court opinion he understood what was happening in my case.

What I experienced in my eyes was a well planned and well thought out strategy by the Minnesota social service department, the foster parent, and the Minnesota court judge working in collusion to steal my grandchildren.

They used the situation with the delay in the Mississippi ’s paperwork due to Mississippi trying to rebound from Hurricane Katrina and prolonged the transfer which lasted for several years. My oldest granddaughter was only two and a half moths old. The other child was not yet even born.

The Mississippi delay help filter a prolong process, that eventually was manipulated by the Minnesota DHS, to first place blame on the Mississippi DHS, request ongoing unwarranted numerous request for me to do in order to get my children. This was being done in order to prolong the process, then ultimately make the claim that the children were attached to their foster parents and should not be transferred due to the best interest of the children.

My grandchildren do not deserve this, they are caught up in the middle and I need your assistance to get my grandchildren back. My children should not get caught in the middle of bureaucratic red tape which has cost them their right to grow up with their biological family.

Yes, I'm frustrated and believe I have every reason to be! How can someone design a law that is ripping apart peoples lives? Is there anyone out there who will hear my cry?

I do believe that foster parents are a Godsend and have changed the lives of many children across this world. They play a major part in raising healthy children with normal lives. But foster care is for children who don't have a suitable family readily available to them, in my eyes.

While I appreciate the foster family for being there for my grandchildren all of these years. Now it's time for them to be with family and get to know their grandma, aunt's and uncle's, their other siblings and cousins.

I'm asking for any and all that can read my story or hear my voice to listen to this loving grandmother's pleas for help. I'm crying and bearing my heart & soul to each and every one of you. I need your prayers, love, and support to get a breakthrough.

My fight is not over yet. My hope is to take my case to the US Supreme Court. However, I need your help to get there.

It may be me today but it could be anyone of you tomorrow. Let's prevent this NOW. So no one else will know the pain of being ripped away from their loved ones.

Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page Dissenting Wrote:"The relative's petition should be considered first and others should only be looked at if they are not providing adequately for the child""I do not believe that the Legislature intended that relatives - who can meet the child's needs and offer a loving home - be passed over merely because nonrelatives may be marginally "better" in some sense, such as being more affluent or better educated than the relative"

"This case requires us to interpret Minnesota Statutes § 259.57 (2012). That statute provides, in relevant part: In reviewing this adoptive placement and in determining In reviewing adoptive placement and in determining appropriate adoption,the court shall consider placement, consistent with the child’s best interests and in the following order, with (1) a relative or relatives of the child, or
(2) an important friend with whom the child has resided or had significant contact.

End Quote---

Please review the Minnesota Supreme Court ruling posted below:
Please read the dissent by: PAGE, Justice (dissenting).
He got it right, he understood what was going on. My children were stolen.

Minnesota Supreme Court Opinion
Also the law was amended during the time this case was being brought up on appeal. Minnesota Statutes § 259.57 (2012)

Please read my story and related news articles at ireport.cnn by clicking link posted below


Please Help Me!


Dorothy Knox Dunning
Gautier Mississippi

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