ADOPTED-Alleged abuse victim liked to ‘concentration camp survivor’

PEORIA, AZ (CBS5) - A Peoria couple face felony child abuse charges after two of their adoptive daughters outlined a pattern of ongoing physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their parents that began five years ago as an attempt, the mother said, to "train" the girls to be "loving and nurturing."

Johann Jorg admitted to spanking two of his adoptive children with a wooden paddle. (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

Johann Jorg admitted to spanking two of his adoptive children with a wooden paddle. (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

Johann Glenn Jorg, 61, and his wife, Kimery Lynn Jorg, 53, were arrested Thursday afternoon at their home in the area of the Loop 101 Agua Fria Freeway and Bell Road in Peoria. Each face four charges of felony intentional child abuse with intent, according to a police statement.

The Jorgs are the adoptive parents of four girls, ages 7, 8, 11 and 13 years old.

The 11- and 13-year-olds were found by police to be severely malnourished and emaciated, according to the statement.

The 13-year-old was hospitalized May 30 and in a condition likened to a "concentration camp survivor." She was severely malnourished and medical personnel were wary of re-feeding syndrome, a dangerous condition when a malnourished person begins to receive proper nutrition, according to the statement. She remained in the hospital Friday morning.

The girl also had abnormal growths on her legs, severe "leathering of the skin on her buttocks due to repeated beatings, and calloused and blistered feet consistent with running on the pavement barefoot, according to the statement.

Kimery Jorg said she doled out most of the punishment to the girls because she was home most of the time. (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

Kimery Jorg said she doled out most of the punishment to the girls because she was home most of the time. (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

The 13- and 11-year-old girls told police they were forced to run several hours a day, were spanked several times a day with a wooden paddle, and forced to memorize, recite and repeatedly write Bible verses without any mistakes or suffer further punishment, according to an investigating officer's statement. The oldest was also forced to live in the backyard nude with only a bucket to use as a bathroom, according to the statement.

According to Child Protective Services, all potential foster parents are required to complete 30-hours of training including lessons on appropriate and acceptable discipline techniques. CPS Spokeswoman Jennifer Bowser said these were lessons the Jorgs should have completed and understood as former foster parents.

Neither parent denied punishing the two for lying and stealing, and acknowledged that Kimery Jorg doled out most of the punishment because she was home with the children and that Johann Jorg spanked the children with the wooden paddle and recently shaved the head of the 13-year-old, according to the statement.

The parents admitted the girls were often spanked several times a day over their clothes.

Neither parent was able to describe to police actual instances of the girls stealing anything, though Kimery Jorg said a single Mentos breath mint was missing during a trip to Colorado and that 22 items from a relative's house were stolen during the trip, though she could not detail any of the items.

The parents said they often "suspected" the children were stealing, and the 13-year-old said she once was caught taking food because she was hungry.

The 13-year-old also said she was forced to eat "prison food" consisting of oatmeal for breakfast, prunes and crackers for lunch and grits with salsa for dinner, according to the report.

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Estill mother accused of starving adopted six-year-old

estill_county_woman_accused_of_starving_adopted_child_2014-05-15_8b92c1[1]ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say Lisa Wolfe, 55, brought her 6-year-old adopted son to the hospital in January, where he was soon diagnosed with being malnourished. Police launched an investigation that ended with Wolfe being put in jail.

Police say Wolfe adopted the 6-year-old boy and 7 and 9-year-old girls after first being their foster mother. Police say their investigation shows that the 6 year old had been starved, and the girls the subject of cruel confinement.

What's even more troubling is that the police say the boy had special needs; neighbors say he was seen in a wheelchair. They also say the girls also had disabilities.

All three are now in the custody of other foster parents.

Wolfe faces one count of criminal abuse first degree on the allegations against the 6 year old by the allegations regarding the other children carry misdemeanor charges of criminal abuse third.

Wolfe was lodged in the Wolfe County jail on a $50,000 bond. She did not want to talk to the news media about her charges.

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Foster adoptions may be reducing foster parent pool

53722a0914185.preview-300[1]An effort that started a few years ago to help children languishing in state care may be diminishing the pool of foster parents, according to Irene Clements, president of the National Foster Parent Association based in Minnesota.

There are from 400,000 to 420,000 children nationally in foster care at a given moment, Clements said. About seven or eight years ago, states began recruiting parents who wanted to adopt children to become foster parents. It is considerably cheaper to adopt a foster child, she said, having adopted three of the 127 children she and her husband have fostered.

“The nature of foster care has changed,” she said. “Because people are coming into it more with a mindset to adopt, we don’t have as many long-term foster care parents.”

Up to 62 percent of children who are adopted out of foster care are adopted by foster parents, she said. But she warns such adoptions can have stumbling blocks, such as relatives stepping forward at the last minute during a court proceeding.“There are a lot of broken-hearted foster parents out there,” she said. Many judges and court officials subscribe to “blood is thicker than water.” “It’s just all but impossible to stop a relative from taking a young child.”

Nationally, the number of children in foster care has been declining.

Today, there are almost 25 percent fewer children in foster care in the U.S. than there were in 2002.

John Heithaus, chief development officer for the Family Resource Center in St. Louis, says the biggest challenges the local foster care system faces are finding homes for older children and siblings.

“We recently had five siblings come into care at 5 p.m. on a Friday night, and we struggled mightily to find a foster home that would take all five of them — just for the night.”

There’s a growing need for foster homes for siblings, according to Shannon Mann, associate supervisor of the licensing unit with the Children’s Permanency Partnership. “It seems that there has been an increase in siblings groups entering foster care in varying ages.”

There is also a need for homes for teens and older children, she added.

The average age of children in foster care in Missouri is 10, with 12,160 children in foster care, according to the Missouri Department of Social Services.

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Criminals are being given Social Worker Jobs Taking YOUR Children

False allegations are nothing new to these brasen criminals. Many Social Workers are encouraged to lie on reports in order to take your children and are backed by their Supervisors. You have no way of complaining; who would you complain to anyway? The kidnappers are the ones parents have to negotiate with. The children have a bounty and the parents pay with their lives and still lose in court, as there is no one to defend them.

Unfortunately, parents believe their Public Defenders are going to “take care of them”, little do they know….. it will rarely if ever happen.

Robert G. Rother was charged with taking custodial indecent liberties with a teenage boy. (Photo courtesy of Fairfax County Police)

Robert G. Rother was charged with taking custodial indecent liberties with a teenage boy. (Photo courtesy of Fairfax County Police)

Social Workers (CPS) are “hardened to these cases, and don’t care about the parents” as I personally was told by a Social Worker.

They are given bonus’ and have Quotas to take children. Yours COULD be next!

These are the people making life decisions for you and your children!

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If you didn’t believe before that your children can be taken on false allegations; if you didn’t believe before that many parents did nothing wrong to have their children taken and put into foster homes, where they are brutally abused and sometimes killed, or put up for adoption all to boost Federal and Non-profit Grants, you might now believe.

You may be a good parent, a good care giver to your family member. You may trust your attorney, but… Your attorney CAN NOT DEFEND YOU against Social Services!!!!

If you don’t believe NOW, then makes some calls to Family Attorneys, call out of the phone books, call University Professors, ask them. You will see these are SECRET COURTS, where, if YOU have your child taken away.. YOU WILL NOT EVEN BE ALLOWED IN THE COURT ROOMS when they discuss your case, when they RAILROAD you into False allegations. And if you do decide to fight them.. YOU PUT YOURSELF IN JEOPARDY OF BEING JAILED!!! And sometimes imprisoned, so does your attorney.

Have any questions? Ask me, I’ll be happy to tell you what I have learned.



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