Department of Community Services Atherton Corruption continues

Department of Community Services Atherton Corruption continuesDepartment of Community Services

Vicki Reimann: Suspected by many to be a corrupt DoCS Worker

I was once a Caseworker in the Atherton Office of Communitites. I left because I was bullied myself and I know of many other caseworkers who have left of the same reason. Atherton Office has a huge turn over of staff and the staff they have now are NOT QUALIFIED to be making life changing choices for these families.

Children the victims of Vicki Reimann from the Atherton Department of Community Services and Minister for DoCS Phil Reeves

Vicki Reimann is the cultprit in this office . I have seen myself file tampering and files going missing all of a sudden.

It was the worst thing I have ever done was becoming involved in Child Safety, specially Atherton.

I dont care if you put this letter on the web, so many of us need to take a stand against them.

They do treat carers badly and accuse them of many things. This is why there aren't any carers and these group homes have been opening up everywhere in the Tablelands and Cairns area, they treat their carers like s***.

Carers do get bullied, accused of false allegations to every degree known. Constantly. Unfair treated on Parents and children and also Carers and their kids.

There are no Children Rights for these kids in care, absolutley no children's rights. Never seen any while working there.

Keep fighting and keep exposing please.

Department of Community Services Atherton Corruption continues because people are too afraid to speak out against them, like the Department of Community Services offices around Australia, thes people operate on fear.

The fear that you will not get your children back, the fear that legal action will be taken with the courts giving every right to Department of Community Services, parental rights ignored, foster carers rights not even considered, the whole system is a shambles, and a blasphemy.

Pat Anderson, who could have saved my son Luke Borusiewicz, was moved to Atherton Department of Community Services and now is back as manager of the Department of Community Services in North Cairns.

Pat Anderson is an evil whore, she deserves a nest of man eating ants under her chair, for all of the children whose lives she has ruined, the families she has ruined, the parents who love their children whose lives she has devastated. She will never ever leave her position, as this would expose the corruption she has mentored, creating department of community services in Cairns North which is a rotting cess pit of evil banshees, a stagnant pond with Pat Anderson and her Chronies the poisonous algae at the top of the pond, causing death and destruction to all in their midst.

It is lucky for Pat Anderson that the only chance I have of seeing my son again is in heaven, or I would personally end her reign of terror, with my bare hands, slowly, the same fate that the manager of the Atherton Department of Community Services Vicki Reimann, who has been exposed for the heartless crimes against families she has consistently unleashed on all in her path, in my opinion deserves.

Why must I be the only one to speak of these atrocities??? I am not. Most still do not know of this site, many are to scared, but many are coming to realise the evil which they face, there is no chance of having your children returned, and the so call best interests of the child are represented by a bunch of lesbian, man hating, marriage, opposition hating, Luke's Army hating women, who politicians, the media, the legal system, are unable to reign in. It has been this way for decades.

Pat Anderson, and Vicki Reimann, you evil banshees, you cannot hide under your slimy rock forever either. You both have the blood of many many children and parents on your festered hands. The only way to have you removed is with a royal commission, because there is no way you and your grim reapers will ever stand aside, this would allow the corruption you have sowed to be exposed.

I am one of the few who has nothing left to lose, cannot be bullied, and can tell it like it is.

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These people were totally manipulated. If there was a warrant they wouldn’t have knocked on the door! Notice how the police were not aggressive in any way? They hung back at the door as well as inside. They were used as an intimidation tactic. The social worker LIED about being allowed to take these children!

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Oklahoma foster care reform efforts criticized

dhs[1]OKLAHOMA CITY —— Oklahoma is making lackluster progress toward its promise to improve its foster-care system, according to a report released Wednesday morning by an independent monitoring panel.

The second report from the monitors of the Pinnacle Plan implementation by the state Department of Human Services gave their first opinion on the state's "good faith efforts to achieve substantial and sustained progress."

The Pinnacle Plan is the negotiated settlement between the agency and the nonprofit Children's Rights, which filed a federal class-action lawsuit in 2008 alleging abuses of children in foster care.

An agreement was reached in early 2012, and the five-year plan started being put into place in August that year. It has 15 areas to improve, with goals and target dates, such as shelter use and the number of available foster placements.

The monitors make twice-a-year reports on how the state is meeting its goals.

At any point, the monitors could obtain court orders if they believe the state is not making significant progress.

The latest report expressed concerns about the sluggish recruitment of foster homes and therapeutic foster homes and the use of emergency shelters for children age 6 and older.

The monitors complimented the caseworkers for their dedication.

"Throughout, the (monitors) have been impressed by the commitment of DHS caseworkers and supervisors to strengthen the Oklahoma child welfare system so that it works better for children and families, although the DHS staff bear an enormous burden trying to do so in the face of very high caseloads and a shortage of safe, family-like placements for children," the report states.

Marcia Lowry, executive director of Children's Rights, said this report shows Oklahoma has not changed its priorities regarding children.

Because voters abolished the oversight commission in 2012 in favor of governor oversight, Lowry said the state's top elected official should be held accountable.

"There is clearly a leadership problem here, and the state's promise to implement the plan the state itself outlined in the Pinnacle Plan is clearly not being implemented in many respects," Lowry said. "Although the people in charge have changed and the buck now stops with the governor, children are not any better off."

Lowry said the findings of not making good faith efforts in foster-home recruitment, shelter use and caseloads are "troubling findings."

DHS officials say there has been some disagreement on the data collection and interpretation. A nationally recognized Chicago-based company has been hired to help in those discussions.

Lowry said the lack of data is a reflection of continued bad practices, pointing to problems getting data during the court process.

"There hasn't even been corrected data available and that is so critical in many respects, like foster home and therapeutic home recruitment," Lowry said. "They cannot even get the data straight. I am surprised by this, and I do attribute it to a lack of leadership. They could have done a better job, especially with regard to recruiting foster homes, which is so critical to all of this."

While the monitors have not sought court orders to date, Children's Rights did express concerns to them about the state not giving promised raises to workers and foster parents. The monitors noted that the increases were made late and no orders were needed.

"It is disheartening that Oklahoma seems unable to prioritize the needs of its most vulnerable citizens," stated Fred Dorwart in a written release. His law firm served as co-counsel for the plaintiffs.

"Children in state care, who already have suffered horrifying trauma, deserve nothing less than good homes and the full attention of those overseeing their cases. The state's practices continue to expose children to harm and the threat of harm."

The report findings are not a surprise to DHS, though officials disagree with some of its findings.

Director Ed Lake has spoken publicly for the past few weeks about the challenges being faced, from high staff turnover to a need for supplemental funding.

The most significant is a jump in the number of children taken out of abusive and neglectful homes, from 8,500 to 11,300, at a time when these reforms are being made.

Lake said he was pleased monitors recognized the work of the staff and those challenges. But he said improvements have been made in each area even though some fell short of the goal.

"It has been an uphill battle at almost every turn with the unexpectedly rapid rise in the number of children being placed in state custody," Lake stated in a written release. "That fact alone has affected key goals in the Pinnacle Plan. The pace of a few of our initiatives hasn't been what we all wanted it to be, but that certainly hasn't been for lack of effort or support for our work.

"We believe progress is being made, even with the number of children in our care, and the data supports our belief."

DHS overhauled its structure of child welfare, hired about 600 workers, reformed investigative procedures and responses to child-abuse allegations and eliminated shelter use for children 2 and younger, and has nearly rid shelter use for all children younger than 6.

"This is not the same department it was two years ago," Lake said. "We are headed in the right direction, but it will take time to get where we want to be. This is only the second year of a five-year improvement plan, and we still have much work ahead."

The cost of the Pinnacle Plan is estimated to be about $100 million over five years. It received $25 million out of the $30 million request to the Legislature the first year, and $32 million out of the $40 million request in the second.

Lake requested $33 million in supplemental funding to get through the fiscal year but no action has been taken.

Though the funding falls short, Lake said DHS has fared better than other agencies.

"We are extremely grateful to Gov. Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma Legislature for their continuing support and investments they have made to enable these improvements," he said. "The state's financial investment has been considerable, and it's clear this critical work to improve our child welfare system is a high priority."

Highlights from the Pinnacle Plan Monitoring Report

Foster home development and support: Found that DHS was not making a good faith effort in recruiting homes and giving enough resources. Monitors were critical of the delay in establishing contracts with private agencies providing foster care support. They found a net gain of 50 homes last year while the goal was 615.

Foster care rate increase: One increase was made last year. The second scheduled increase has not been given because the Legislature did not provide funding in a supplemental appropriation. DHS plans to make up for that in the next year.

Therapeutic foster care: Found that DHS was not making a good faith effort in recruiting these more specialized homes. The explanation provided indicates some disagreement on how to calculate the number of homes available. A revised plan to meet the goals in this area was submitted by DHS to the monitors and is under review.

Caseloads: Is withholding judgment on good-faith effort until October. Monitors said DHS implemented several ways to improve the environment and turnover, including a redistribution of caseloads. Data was submitted by DHS in December for review. Monitors stated they "do not yet find evidence that workloads are improving in a substantial and sustained direction and DHS will need to demonstrate very significant movement over the next several months." An allegation made by Children's Rights in the lawsuit was that DHS routinely assigned workers at least 50 children and some had up to 100 children.

Shelter use: Monitors found DHS is making a good faith effort on eliminating use of emergency shelters for children 2 and younger. However, the monitors say they are "very concerned" about the growing number of children 6 and older in shelters. They are reserving judgment on good faith for the 2 to 5 age group until October.

Caseworker visitation: Is reserving judgment on good faith until October. DHS submitted data in March, and the parties are reviewing the information.

Placement stability: DHS and the monitors are currently reviewing data. Judgment on good faith is being withheld until October.

Permanency placement: DHS and the monitors are reviewing data. Judgment on good faith is being withheld until October.

Source: Report from the independent monitors of the DHS class action settlement


Oklahoma foster care reform efforts criticized


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Program aims to keep kids safe in homes and out of foster care

Credit user Childrens Book Review / flickr

Credit user Childrens Book Review / flickr

More than 400,000 children are currently in foster care in the U.S. Once a child has entered the system, they remain there on average for nearly two years, according to a federal report. Our State of Opportunity team looked into a unique program that’s working to prevent kids in Michigan from even entering foster care in the first place.

It's called the Detroit Center for Family Advocacy, and it's made up of a lawyer, a social worker and a parent advocate - someone who has personal experience with the foster care system. Their goal is to provide free legal and social work help to keep kids in Wayne County safely in their homes and out of foster care.

Here’s how it works: First, the Michigan Department of Human Services screens hundreds of cases where children’s safety is potentially in jeopardy. If the child is unsafe because of some unresolved legal issue, DHS lets the Center know, and the folks at the Center step in to help.

Vivek Sankaran is the founder of the Center for Family Advocacy, which is affiliated with the University of Michigan Law School.

"In all the cases we deal with," says Sankaran, "there’s no doubt that the parent loves for and is providing proper care for the child. But there is sort of a third party that may be interfering with the parents ability to provide care for that child."

Let's take a housing issue, for example, where the housing conditions are deplorable because the landlord isn't fixing the house as he/she should be. "What we do," explains Sankaran, "is we’ll go and take the landlord to court, or work and negotiate an arrangement that will then allow the family either to remain in the premises with the issues addressed or get their security deposit back and go elsewhere."

Sankaran says the Center also works to expedite kids out of foster care as soon as possible. So if there’s a relative or foster parent who’s ready and willing to care for a child, the Center will help those clients resolve whatever legal issues are keeping them from making adoption or reunification a reality.

You can check out the full version of this story on the State of Opportunity website.


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Criminals are being given Social Worker Jobs Taking YOUR Children

False allegations are nothing new to these brasen criminals. Many Social Workers are encouraged to lie on reports in order to take your children and are backed by their Supervisors. You have no way of complaining; who would you complain to anyway? The kidnappers are the ones parents have to negotiate with. The children have a bounty and the parents pay with their lives and still lose in court, as there is no one to defend them.

Unfortunately, parents believe their Public Defenders are going to “take care of them”, little do they know….. it will rarely if ever happen.

Robert G. Rother was charged with taking custodial indecent liberties with a teenage boy. (Photo courtesy of Fairfax County Police)

Robert G. Rother was charged with taking custodial indecent liberties with a teenage boy. (Photo courtesy of Fairfax County Police)

Social Workers (CPS) are “hardened to these cases, and don’t care about the parents” as I personally was told by a Social Worker.

They are given bonus’ and have Quotas to take children. Yours COULD be next!

These are the people making life decisions for you and your children!

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