Foster adoptions may be reducing foster parent pool

53722a0914185.preview-300[1]An effort that started a few years ago to help children languishing in state care may be diminishing the pool of foster parents, according to Irene Clements, president of the National Foster Parent Association based in Minnesota.

There are from 400,000 to 420,000 children nationally in foster care at a given moment, Clements said. About seven or eight years ago, states began recruiting parents who wanted to adopt children to become foster parents. It is considerably cheaper to adopt a foster child, she said, having adopted three of the 127 children she and her husband have fostered.

“The nature of foster care has changed,” she said. “Because people are coming into it more with a mindset to adopt, we don’t have as many long-term foster care parents.”

Up to 62 percent of children who are adopted out of foster care are adopted by foster parents, she said. But she warns such adoptions can have stumbling blocks, such as relatives stepping forward at the last minute during a court proceeding.“There are a lot of broken-hearted foster parents out there,” she said. Many judges and court officials subscribe to “blood is thicker than water.” “It’s just all but impossible to stop a relative from taking a young child.”

Nationally, the number of children in foster care has been declining.

Today, there are almost 25 percent fewer children in foster care in the U.S. than there were in 2002.

John Heithaus, chief development officer for the Family Resource Center in St. Louis, says the biggest challenges the local foster care system faces are finding homes for older children and siblings.

“We recently had five siblings come into care at 5 p.m. on a Friday night, and we struggled mightily to find a foster home that would take all five of them — just for the night.”

There’s a growing need for foster homes for siblings, according to Shannon Mann, associate supervisor of the licensing unit with the Children’s Permanency Partnership. “It seems that there has been an increase in siblings groups entering foster care in varying ages.”

There is also a need for homes for teens and older children, she added.

The average age of children in foster care in Missouri is 10, with 12,160 children in foster care, according to the Missouri Department of Social Services.

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Criminals are being given Social Worker Jobs Taking YOUR Children

False allegations are nothing new to these brasen criminals. Many Social Workers are encouraged to lie on reports in order to take your children and are backed by their Supervisors. You have no way of complaining; who would you complain to anyway? The kidnappers are the ones parents have to negotiate with. The children have a bounty and the parents pay with their lives and still lose in court, as there is no one to defend them.

Unfortunately, parents believe their Public Defenders are going to “take care of them”, little do they know….. it will rarely if ever happen.

Robert G. Rother was charged with taking custodial indecent liberties with a teenage boy. (Photo courtesy of Fairfax County Police)

Robert G. Rother was charged with taking custodial indecent liberties with a teenage boy. (Photo courtesy of Fairfax County Police)

Social Workers (CPS) are “hardened to these cases, and don’t care about the parents” as I personally was told by a Social Worker.

They are given bonus’ and have Quotas to take children. Yours COULD be next!

These are the people making life decisions for you and your children!

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Caretaker of missing foster child Rilya Wilson has probation terminated

Pamela Graham testifies at the trial of Geralyn Graham in the disappearance of Rilya Wilson on Dec. 17, 2012. CARL JUSTE / MIAMI HERALD STAFF Read more here:

Pamela Graham testifies at the trial of Geralyn Graham in the disappearance of Rilya Wilson on Dec. 17, 2012. CARL JUSTE / MIAMI HERALD STAFF

After 9 years of cooperating with prosecutors, the former legal guardian of missing Miami foster child Rilya Wilson appeared Monday in court, where her probation was terminated.

Pamela Graham, who pleaded guilty to 2 matters of child overlook in 2004, will not serve any jail time.

In December, Pamela Graham indicated against her former live-in lover, Geralyn Graham, who was charged with murdering, kidnapping and abusing the child in 2000. The two ladies are not related.

Geralyn Graham is serving 55 years in prison for kidnapping and abusing Rilya, whose body was never found. A jury in December convicted her of abusing and kidnapping Rilya, however deadlocked on a first-degree murder fee. The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office says it will retry her for murder.

In 2004, Pamela Graham pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate against her former friend. Her initial plea deal asked for 364 days in jail plus 5 years of probation, to be meted out after her testimony.

Over the years, she checked in with authorities every week, exactly 416 times in all, district attorney Sally Weintraub told Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Miguel De La O on Monday. Before Monday, Graham still thought she was visiting invest the time in jail.

Pamela, a meek woman who indicated tearfully at trial, stated Geralyn would bind the child's hands to the bed railing with plastic "flex cuffs" and restrict Rilya for hours in a laundry room. Pamela likewise indicated that Geralyn obtained a pet dog cage in which she constrained Rilya to keep her from climbing on furnishings.

At trial, Pamela likewise told jurors that Geralyn pressured her to lie about Rilya's disappearance-- but never ever exposed what took place to the child.

"I was frightened," Pamela Graham informed jurors. "I understood that I was the one who had legal custody of her, and I hesitated that whatever happened to her, I would be blamed for it.".

The disappearance of the chubby-cheeked 4-year-old roiled Florida's Department of Children & Families, which had actually granted Pamela custody of Rilya, who was born to a drug addict.

For more than a year, the company fell short to note that Rilya was missing. When employees discovered that the girl was gone, Geralyn Graham claimed a secret DCF worker had actually whisked her away for mental-health treatment.

District attorneys in 2005 arraigned Geralyn Graham on a murder cost after she allegedly admitted to a prison cellmate that she had actually surrounded the child with a pillow and disposed of her remains in a body of water in Southwest Miami-Dade.

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Livingston County SA to review death of foster child case

FILE - Kianna Rudesill's 2010 school picture (The Pantagraph, David Proeber)

FILE - Kianna Rudesill's 2010 school picture (The Pantagraph, David Proeber)

PONTIAC-- Livingston County State's Attorney Seth Uphoff prepares to examine a 2-year-old case including the death of a foster child to determine exactly what-- if any-- criminal costs ought to be submitted.

Uphoff was not state's attorney on May 4, 2011, when Kianna Rudesill, 4, of Bloomington, passed away of head injuries. She was coping with a Cullom foster family at the time. Former State's Attorney Tom Brown did not file charges in the case.

"This case is certainly awful," Uphoff stated last week. It calls for a extensive and mindful testimonial.

That was good news for Kianna's great-grandmother, Evelyn Rudesill of El Paso.

"I'm happy he's going to look into it," she stated. "It's been 2 years and we need closure.".

While Uphoff stated he knew of the case, nothing had actually come about considering that he took office in November to bring it to the center. That altered last week throughout a juvenile court hearing to identify whether the foster parents' two biological children could be returned to their house.

The two children-- as well as Kianna's three other siblings who likewise were in foster care at the home-- were taken into the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services after Kianna was hurried from the Cullom home to OSF Saint James-John W. Albrecht Medical Center in Pontiac on May 3, 2011.

A 911 caller from the residence said a child having seizure-like issues. The lady was later airlifted to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria where she underwent surgery for a severe brain injury. She was later taken off life support.

A Peoria County coroner's jury ruled the death a homicide. A report from forensic pathologist Dr. J. Scott Denton indicated Kianna suffered 8 points of effect to her head and face, 7 on her back and 18 on her arms and legs. He said the injuries were "more constant with caused rather than unintentional blunt trauma.".

The Pantagraph has not identified the parents because no criminal fees have actually been submitted against them.

During a preliminary adolescent court hearing regarding custody of the foster parents' biological children, Livingston County Associate Judge Robert Travers figured out the foster mother caused Kianna's death after hearing testament from physicians who dealt with Kianna, a pediatric professional employed on the case and Denton.

That choice propelled the court to require the biological children remain in DCFS custody and for the moms and dads to undergo psychological testing and to meet a clinical psychologist.

During last week's juvenile court hearing, clinical psychologist Dr. Becky Kalvelage-Roth said she met with the moms and dads once a month for the past year. She indicated she found the couple to have very good parenting abilities and recommended their biological children be enabled to return residence.

When pushed by DCFS lawyer Andrew Killian, Kalvelage-Roth stated she believed the foster mother's tale about the incident-- that Kianna threw a temper tantrum and hurt herself. Kalvelage-Roth noted Kianna had reactive attachment disorder, a mental condition that can trigger a child to "impersonate" and throw his/her body around throughout a temper tantrum.

Judge Travers asked Kalvelage-Roth if she had actually received a copy of the testaments of the medical professionals, the pathologist and the pediatric specialist suggesting Kianna's injuries were not self caused. Kalvelage-Roth stated she did.

"Yet you believe the (foster mom) had nothing to do with the death?" Travers asked. "You indicated you think the (foster mother's) story. To believe her is to overlook the testament or disbelieve of 3 physicians. How do you rationalize that?".

Kalvelage-Roth said she believes particular info is allowed court and various other information isn't.

"It matters not exactly what I think about what the court states or (the parents) state," Kalvelage-Roth said. "I did what DCFS asked-- figure out if it is safe to return the children to the house.".

Travers said he had "serious issues that the moms and dads are not taking obligation for their actions." But he also concurred with the moms and dads' lawyer, John Coghlan, who stated the scenario went to a stalemate.

Coghlan stated the parents had done every little thing the court had actually asked; had actually gotten increased visitation rights; and said no proof was ever presented that the couple abused their biological children.

While Travers stated he waited his original ruling, he believed the couples' biological children were suffering by the separation and were being "held hostage" by a goal of finding more proof of parents possible participation in Kianna's death.

He agreed to return the biological children to the residence. A status hearing is scheduled on July 9.

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If you didn’t believe before that your children can be taken on false allegations; if you didn’t believe before that many parents did nothing wrong to have their children taken and put into foster homes, where they are brutally abused and sometimes killed, or put up for adoption all to boost Federal and Non-profit Grants, you might now believe.

You may be a good parent, a good care giver to your family member. You may trust your attorney, but… Your attorney CAN NOT DEFEND YOU against Social Services!!!!

If you don’t believe NOW, then makes some calls to Family Attorneys, call out of the phone books, call University Professors, ask them. You will see these are SECRET COURTS, where, if YOU have your child taken away.. YOU WILL NOT EVEN BE ALLOWED IN THE COURT ROOMS when they discuss your case, when they RAILROAD you into False allegations. And if you do decide to fight them.. YOU PUT YOURSELF IN JEOPARDY OF BEING JAILED!!! And sometimes imprisoned, so does your attorney.

Have any questions? Ask me, I’ll be happy to tell you what I have learned.



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