Innocence Destroyed

This film will open anyone’s eyes, please watch all three parts it isn’t long and children lives need everyone to know what is really going on.
If you truly love a child and want the truth about CPS watch this film and you decide. Everything in this film will show you the department you believe in.

But behind the beautiful music is the ugly reality, so ugly the movie is not recommended for anyone under sixteen, of children being tortured and murdered while in the care of the very people who are supposed to protect children, Child Protective Services. Particularly difficult to watch are some of the autopsy photos.

If this film doesn't move you, then you might question whether or not you really are a member of the human race.

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In The Trenches

Sometimes, when you're “in the trenches” the fight for our children, grandchildren, and constitution seems to be going nowhere. We've all had it. You get up for that first cup of coffee and check Facebook, YouTube, your email, and it seems as if nobody really cares. I've been there, we all have, but let me tell you something. No revolution, and this is a revolution, folks, starts like a hit record. Revolutions start like a forest fire, with a single match. One person pointing out something, and slowly, but surely, the fire grows.

I did an edit last night, of Bill Bowen's “Innocence Destroyed,” which you can view at,

and learned that he was in fact passed on. It gave me pause to think. Why? What was it all for? This man found thousands of cases where children had been killed, made a beautiful documentary and before he could complete the work he died. Well, some people come into this world and take, and some people come and contribute. God does not judge time, he judges hearts. I put up a video yesterday, one of my daughter in law, Jackie, which you can also see at,

and the inspiration for that film was Jackie's resolve. Jackie didn't “lose” her fight with the CPS. She compared her situation to the men at the Alamo. She knew the CPS was going to run over her like a steam roller, so she situated herself, and fixed a deal that saved her five children with family even if she were not involved, and could quite possibly never see her babies again. She contributed! Bill, contributed. Jim Black contributes.

Most people do not know that the role of the CPS changed some time ago. They, like a lot of us, believe it to be an organization charged with the protection of our most valued asset, our children. And in the thousands, and thousands of cases they have, believe it or not, it is understandable that some children may be hurt, or even die. What is not understandable is the numbers, and the willing cooperation of CPS with known pedophiles, criminals, and bounty hunters intent on monetary or sexual gratification at the cost of our kids!

And people like me, Jim, Amy Charron, Bill Bowen, and countless others scream at the top of our lungs for the nation to just LOOK! See what they do! And it seems to get nowhere. Well, that's because the CPS has a huge public relations campaign. “It's all about the children,” “Reason to believe,” “At this time,” and the nice CPS lady who comes to get together, and luncheons and wrings liberal's hearts out with stories about children being wrenched from the arms of crackheads. The constant pressure puts the lie to all of this. Simple fact, if one little girl is raped and murdered by a CPS Case Worker that's one too many! Just one. We have thousands.

The US is considering, as other countries are, getting involved in Syria. The situation is awful there. Innocent people are being killed, raped, kidnapped by an outlaw regime. Well, what the hell do you think we have right HERE? And they are doing it to children. And that's not all. Governor Perry was considering signing a law that virtually suspends the 4thAmendment! Why, we don't need the constitution, it's, “All about the children!” You can see that video here:

How stupid should we be? When do we wake up? Well, a lot of us have woke up. But the size, financing, and out right lust of the CPS makes it formidable. Do not lose heart. Little by little the walls are crumbling down. One by one case workers, and judges are being held accountable for their actions. A Bill Bowen falls, and a Bill Windsor rises from the ashes. If you've never heard of him just to to

Don't give up. Never give up. Don't back down. One day the CPS will be a memory, one that no one believes. Our children will be safe. Great mistakes were made in the 90's. We will correct them. We have to. Bill Bowen, Jackie, and a host of others have paved the way and are watching us.

If Criminal Charges of Child Endangerment Are Dropped Shouldn’t They Also Be Dropped in Family Court?

RSPCA INJUSTICEIf a parent is arrested for Child Endangerment and the child/children are removed from their care, but the Criminal charges are later dropped in NH Superior Court due to evidence proving innocence, wouldn't you think the charges would also be dropped in Family Court? Think again! Not in NH!

There have been many of these same case scenario's in NH. Why does Family Court over rule Superior Court in their decisions? Superior Court being a higher Court SHOULD over rule the lower Court. At least that's what I was always taught.

So why are parent's proof of innocence being denied in Family Court after all Criminal charges are dropped?

Why do the Family Court Judges have the power to deny such evidence and deny the rights of parents to their children?

Why are Family Court Judges given such a high power?

Why are they allowed to make up their own rules?

If a parent is found innocent in one Court, what gives the Family Court the right to deny them their innocence? To deny them their children? To deny them "Due Process"? To deny them their Constitutional rights?

Is CPS/DCYF all that powerful that they can and do turn any Family Court Judge against a parent or family member? You bet they are!

One would be ecstatic that they proved their innocence in the higher Court, believing Family Court charges would now be dropped. That their beloved children would now be returned. That the nightmare of DCYF and the Courts was finally over. Not in NH! The nightmare has just begun.
The Family Court Judges let DCYF pull their strings. DCYF fear the children will now be returned, vowing to make sure that never happens, they tug the Judges strings a little harder, making sure he abides by their plan, not the Rules of the Court. One might ask, "What do these DCYF worker's have on these unethical Judges?" "What would make them rule against innocent parent's?" Ah yes, MONEY!

The Judges don't even bother reading the files. They don't listen to the parent's. It's as if parent's are invisible and the only thing that matter's are the lying words of DCYF. Perjury in Family Courts in NH runs rampant. Hearsay, though illegal in Domestic Violence and abuse and neglect cases, is still used in NH Family Court to this day. See


So am I wrong, or isn't it totally feasible to assume when charges of Child Endangerment are dropped in the Higher Superior Court, the charges WILL also be dropped in Family Court? I mean, wouldn't anyone expect  that outcome? And if it doesn't happen, shouldn't The NH Supreme Court step in and rectify?

As I already stated, NOT IN NH! Our stolen children are worth too much money to do right by families.

Dealing with NH Family Court's and DCYF is a Lose, Lose, Losing battle. We may have lost the battle, but we WON'T lose the war! Don't ever give up fighting for your rights!