Arizona foster-care numbers rose over decade, as national numbers fell

Advocates hold photos of foster children during an April 2013 rally af the Arizona State Courts bulding in Phoenix. WASHINGTON – Arizona saw the number of kids in its foster care system rise significantly from 2002-2012, a time when most other states were posting sharp drops in their foster care rolls, according to new federal data.

The report by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families said Arizona was one of 11 states with an increase in foster children and one of only two – along with Texas – with significant increases.

Arizona had the second-largest increase in the nation over the decade, adding 7,296 children to Texas’ 8,294. There were 15,751 foster kids in Arizona at the end of March, according to the latest numbers from the state.

Advocates said the numbers are more evidence of a state foster care system in crisis, one that has been “overworked and overwhelmed” as budgets have been cut.

“There was a perfect storm of things – the recession hit, the budget cuts had to be made and so more kids were coming in to care,” said Russ Funk, director of marketing and family recruitment at Aid to Adoption of Special Kids.

State officials said there is no one reason for the increase, but expressed confidence that recent improvements will have an effect.

After reports in late 2013 that more than 6,000 foster-care cases had not been investigated, Gov. Jan Brewer created a Child Advocate Response Examination (CARE) Team of lawmakers, advocates and state officials to oversee those cases and monitor Child Protective Services.

And the Legislature this spring voted to give oversight of the state’s foster care system to a new Department of Child Safety.

Jennifer Bowser, a spokeswoman for the new department, said she has seen improvements made “all over the place” to the state’s child care system since the agency’s creation.

Bowser said the state is revamping its training process for caseworkers, has reviewed legislation for additional staffing and is making significant progress on backlogged cases.

The 15,751 children in out-of-home care this March represented an increase of 714 children from the previous year, according to the state.

While the state is attempting to improve the child protective services system and provide more preventive services, families are still faced with challenges that put them in difficult situations – situations that can lead to their children being placed in foster care.

“There are a variety of different reasons that children become neglected or put at risk of being neglected when their parents are struggling,” Funk said.

Beth Rosenberg, director of child welfare and juvenile justice at Children’s Action Alliance, said the increases are occurring because of a system that has been “overworked and overwhelmed.”

“We were bringing more kids in to the system than the kids were leaving the system,” she said.

Funk said a prime factor for the surge of children in the Arizona foster care system was budget cuts during the recession that led to reductions in preventive services, such as parenting skill workshops and addiction rehab support.

And while the system was gaining kids, Funk said, there are “fewer caseworkers handling more cases with less services in place to help return those children” to their families.

Bowser agreed that socioeconomic challenges and substance-abuse issues could make it more likely that a child is removed from his or her home.

“If we can provide more prevention services – early intervention services – the hope is to not have the children need to be removed,” she said.

Judge Says He Can Find Better Parents For Any Child, Even Yours!

Maricopa county, Arizona Judge Mark Brain Says he can find better parents for any child at a training seminar for juvenile court judges. This is the elitist mentality that pervades our juvenile court system.

CPS Comprehensive Report

ndacan-logo[1]The National Child Abuse & Neglect Data System “NCANDS” reported that in 2011, “1545 children were killed nation wide from child abuse or child neglect.”

1000 plus, of those children were murdered in a government funded program called, Children Protective Services, “CPS.” This according to the “Children’s Bureau” a Federal Agency within the US Government.  Each year this agency reports the number of children killed by their foster parents, while in the Custody of CPS.  This Agency rounds off to the nearest thousand, so if the true number of children murdered in CPS custody was 1499, they would report 1000 children killed for that year. This has occurred for more then 20 years. Therefore, it is plausible that 1499 children out of the 1545 children murdered nation wide, were killed in the Custody of Children Protective Services,”CPS.”

Shockingly this leaves only 46 children nation wide per year, killed outside of Children Protective Services.

In a five-year period, we know for sure, that 5000 to 7450 American children were reported murdered, after they were taken from their parents and FORCED into the custody of Children Protective Services “CPS.”  Experts believe the real number is double that amount.

Prior to being murdered, ALL of these children were victims of some form of extreme heinous torture; from months of repetitive rapes, to vicious beatings, inhuman neglect, dehydration, starvation, placed in cages, or handcuffed to objects, and/or sedated and left for days in dark locked rooms.

The majority of these children are under seven years old, 82% are under the age of five. These children were taken from their birth parents and given to unqualified individuals called “foster parents,” many of them “CPS” staff and affiliates. The children were then tortured and murdered at the hands of their “foster parents.” The USA Government pays the perpetrators to care for these children who are in the custody of “CPS.”

While thousands & thousands more children go missing in Children Protective Services “CPS” custody every year; again this according to the Children’s Bureau; presumably dead or trafficked out into the sex trade.

In 2008, Ohio’s “CPS” lost 1284 children; in that same year Washington State’s CPS reported 1261 children missing and CPS of Colorado 747 children missing, and the missing continues in every State. CPS staffs, caseworkers and their affiliates, have federal immunity; and rarely are held accountable for their horrifying actions that caused a child to go missing or the death of child.

American citizens have grown numb to these numbers. Each one of these little tiny children had a heart and soul, yet our society keeps shutting their eyes and covering their ears, saying that can’t be true. But it is.

According to the US Children Bureau;

650,000 American children were taken from their homes, play grounds, hospitals, and schools in 2012, by Children Protective Service case workers. That is up from 400,540 children taken from their parents in 2011. Each year thousands of more children & parents fall victim to CPS’ fractured system.

These children were legally abducted into a system that is broken, and has attracted predators, pedophiles and the emotionally unstable. This is not a one-time atrocity, however occurring every year for more then 20 years. The majority of these children were NOT in life threatening or abusive homes or situations, on the contrary, they were taken in the dead of the night from their safe & loving parents arms and given to unqualified and often desperate and emotionally unpredictable, “foster parents.”  The result is nation full of severely traumatized children that we are labeling emotional troubled and medicating them.  However, prior to CPS’s involvement the majority of these children were healthy and happy.

In 2012 alone 3,250,00 parents were left emotionally crippled, debilitated by this ruthlessly cruel and broken system, “CPS.” You don’t hear their cries and moans, because society assumes there was probable cause to take their children, the parents are told by the CPS case worker that the child is happy in their new home, 92% of children in CPS custody are routinely and cruelly abused.  The parents of the children tortured and murdered in CPS, will never be told, the outcome of their child.  Over a ten year period there will be more then 8 million children effected by this ruthless broken system; what are we doing to our children?  Our future…… how has this gone so long without being publicly detected?

The US Federal government is a victim of this defective CPS arrangement, because the Federal Government are being manipulated at the local levels, it is widespread and overt, an epistemic problem occurring in every CPS office across America.

A CPS Supervisor and a case worker were charged with criminally wrong doing, after a determined sister spent months trying to convince CPS that her “special needs “ brother was being abused in his foster home, only to find out that he was killed months before, in that foster home. The CPS Supervisor & caseworker were not held accountable for his murder, but were held accountable for falsifying computer records, (deleting the child’s file) covering up the trail of this dead boy. Unfortunately this is common practice in every CPS office in America. The few States that reveal the true numbers of missing children, have figured out that they are not held accountable for murdered or lost children, however only for the act of deleting a file, so therefore those States numbers are higher.

This CPS report is not intended to offend the 20 to 30% of foster parents that provide a safe home for foster kids. Our society honors these parents and homes for their courageous and loving contribution to our communities. This Report focuses of the 70 to 80% of homes and foster parents that do not deliver the basic needs & requirements for these children and why. Uncovering the horrific reality that occurs daily within the Industry of Children Protective Services.

Most of the Government reports reveal that 68% of children in foster homes are abused. People who are close to the industry believe the real number is closer to 83%; these children are experiencing multiple forms of abuse, such as relentless sexually assaults and physical violence. Sedating these children is standard and acceptable practice while in the custody of CPS. Healthy babies and children are instantaneously regarded as “emotionally troubled” once in the custody of CPS and given pharmaceutical drugs supplied by the CPS caseworker, paid for by our government and given to the children by the foster parents; infants as young as 3 months old, fall victim to this standard practice. Statistic clearly reveals this common CPS’s practice, regarding “88% of children in CPS’s custody as emotionally troubled,” therefore, qualified for medication. The result is 85% of young children are being heavily sedated 24 hours a day in the custody of “Children Protective Services.”

What we know for sure is according to our own government statistics: CPS averages 1000 children per year are murdered in their custody; In a ten-year period, over 10,000 American children were reported viciously murdered; this occurred after the law forced them into a Federally Funded program called “Children Protective Services.” Another 3000 plus, children per year, are estimated to be missing or presumably murdered or sold, in the custody of Children Protective Services “CPS.” Unfortunately the people who work close with CPS Industry believes the numbers are significantly higher.



The federal government, funds the offices ofChildren Protective Services” in every State. The problem falls at the local levels, like any broken system, individuals have learned over time how to manipulate and twist this system to accommodate their own perverted desires, be it financial or pedophilia.

Basic information on Children Protective Services: CPS Supervisors are required to have a Masters Degree in “social work.” However, this requirement is not enforced. CPS District & Regional Commissioners/Supervisors are not required to have experience in Childcare Development. CPS case workers are “supposed to” have a Bachelors or Associate Degree, however, CPS’s Supervisors have hired individuals with no Degree and no background in Childcare Development or social work. Therefore, hiring individuals off the streets. CPS Supervisors confess that their caseworkers are often “unequipped, uneducated, over worked, and have to many cases.” Several CPS caseworkers that claimed had Associate & Bachelor Degrees, in fact did not. Some of the States require caseworkers to “put in” 40 hours throughout the year to retaining updates, in the Policy Manual. However, they may ‘put in’ the hours “whenever,” not at one consecutive time. The “retraining is overseen” by either the “in house policy people,” or by an “outside contractor” hired by CPS, adding more people to the CPS payroll. Some Supervisors are require to “put in” 20 hours of undated training, per year. The well meaning Children Protective Services’ Laws/Acts, created by concerned Federal Legislators are not being observed by CPS staff or Supervisors, and/or CPS affiliates for two reasons; according to case workers and Supervisors, “it’s difficult to find/accesses to the Policy Manual on line, it was easier when the Policy Manual was in hard copy” however, this could be an excuse. Supervisors do not encourage caseworkers to read the mandate “Policy Manual” that’s available on line. Supervisors acknowledge they “read the manual in training” but seldom if ever, refer to it on monthly bases. “After CPS became digitized in the late 1990’s there were no more Policy Manuals printed out.” CPS Supervisors explain that decisions are made by “crisis driven” moments, based on assumptions and accusations; ultimately life-threatening decisions are made solely on the unfit, unqualified and uneducated CPS caseworker. Also note worthy: District & Regional Commissioners rely on their Branch Supervisors (a lower position) for answers to their questions, about what CPS rules and mandates, due to the fact that District & Regional Commissioners are hired in that position without experience in Children Protective Services or Child Development.

Foster Parents requirements: There are only 3 requirements to be accepted as a Foster parent:

1st The foster care applicant must have a bed for the child.

2nd The applicant must show proof of income; disability and unemployment and welfare are accepted, and are the most common proof of income to be a foster parent.

3rd The CPS case worker is suppose to perform a back ground check, and is not to accept foster parents with a criminal record, but CPS case workers and Supervisors have confessed to letting that slide, “so long as they did not have violent record,” however, records reveal that CPS case workers regularly accept applicants with criminal records, approving them as foster parents.

It is a common practice to keep the children in State Custody, as long as possible, even after the CPS caseworker and CPS affiliates discover the allegation against the parent was false. Ironically, the only “parents” in America, who have unspoken immunity from CPS, is “foster parents.” The caseworker assures the registering “foster parent,” that CPS will not check in on them without calling first, a statement use to entice the possible “foster parent” to register. It should be no surprise that pedophiles and emotionally unstable individuals, who are unable to hold a job, have learned how to manipulate this flawed system for their own perverted gain.

Any anonymous caller can call in with a complaint against a parent, without any evidence that the allegation is true, the children are taken out of their homes away from their parent arms by CPS caseworkers. These unqualified caseworkers have the authority to direct law enforcement, (Police Officers) to escort them into any home in the USA, to take ones children from their bedrooms and parents, regardless if the police officer, doctors, therapist, Judges, Mayors, Senators, or any other professional expert adamantly disagrees with the CPS caseworker.

Children Protective Service “CPS” caseworkers, have more authority over children then; police officers, law enforcement, psychiatrists, doctors, attorney’s, and professional’s opinions and recommendations; not to mention every single parent and relative of that child, as well as Judges and Law Makers. As Senator Murphy from Arizona has experienced, while serving as an Arizona Senator, his children were taken by CPS caseworkers, currently Murphys case is unresolved; and extended the 15 month period, which CPS has authority to terminate his parental rights if they (CPS) choose.

CPS Courts are not constructed like Criminal Courts; you are guilty until proven innocent. Each State varies; some refer to their CPS courts as “Probate,” others “Juvenile” among other names, these Courts listen to the CPS caseworkers & affiliates complaints against the parent. Judges take CPS caseworkers’ & CPS affiliates recommendations as true fact. In the majority of these ‘Hearings’ the parent is present, but has no representation; the majority of parents cannot afford an attorney, nor does the *Federal law require CPS victims who’ve had their children taken into State Custody a court appoint attorney. For the past 25 years parents were forced to represent themselves, in a fight against the CPS industry (the State and the Federal Government) all alone, and really fighting for their child’s life. In a case out of Michigan, a young mother was forced to fight for her daughter’s life, staying up until 4:30am learning the procedures and how to write out Motions and filing counter Motions, then having to appear in the court at 8:00am. The Court sat her among the attorney’s to question witnesses etc. when they would break, the mother was treated like an attorney, the Guardian Light praised her intellect & her ability for insight into her questioning, it was like a game for CPS, all they wanted was to win, and to win, was to take her child permanently into CPS State Custody; all this mother wanted was to love, protect and be with her child. CPS had given her child to the father who was living in a 1958 gutted out disheveled school bus, on the property of a Twice Convicted sex offender, named Don Nelson who lived in a trailer a few feet from them. The sex offender was on probation at the time, said “no contact with children.” CPS told the courts, “your Honor we are aware of this situation, what is a Sex offender going to do to a baby?” CPS never removed that child from that life-threatening situation, even after it appeared on the cover of their Newspaper. It appeared to be an act of spite against the mother. It was the mother that uncovered the Sex offender’s history and brought it to the courts. Desperate to save her child’s life and forced to act in Pro-Bono, the mother filed a Motion with the Courts to place the child in ‘Neutral Territory’ asking the courts to place her child with her estranged parents.

The Referee granted that Motion. Unfortunately, the misinformed CPS Courts unjustly ruled against her without providing allegations of neglect or abuse, basing the Termination of her parental rights on the fact she was in conflict with the father of her child, contemptibly everyone testified and agreed that this mother, “was a wonderful very loving mother.” Some States have recently provided court appointed attorneys, however the States are leaving that decision to the county officials, therefore leaving a gap, which may result in an unjust one-sided verdict. Also note worthy; the Court Appointed Attorney is paid through CPS, therefore, an Industry, which is based on “guilty’ until “proven innocent,” is hearing only one side from the accusers, the CPS case workers and affiliates.” Unlike the criminal courts, the CPS courts have a tremendous amount of flexibility; therefore, room to manipulate each case to the desired outcome, resulting in thousands of innocent hard working parents parental rights being terminated.

One might ask who gave this all-encompassing authority to these CPS caseworkers? The answer is “we” American citizens gave this superior authority to these uneducated and unequipped CPS case workers and their affiliates, we as citizens voted in our law makers/Congress/State Representatives, which in turn created and passed these well intended laws to protect our children. The Acts/Laws are created at the Federal level, and then they are approved through the USA Congress and given to each State. A CPS Director/or Commissioner at the State level/or Deputy Commissioner Office in every State Capitol, which intern transfers the new Acts/Laws to the “Capital’s Legal Unit” whom works with “CPS Policy Developer Units” to rewrite/developed the Policy Manual that is a comprehensive manual for CPS administrators to observe. It is then approved by the individuals States, at their Attorney Generals Office, and given to Regional CPS offices, and finally the “Policy Manual” is given to branches of CPS offices all over the State to comply.

Unfortunately over the years, word spread through out the local communities about the holes in the CPS system; and it was easy to “make a buck, and manipulate” the existing flexibility that CPS offers, consisting of CPS staff, caseworkers, foster parents, all they’re hundreds of affiliates in those communities.

WE have given authority to CPS caseworkers and CPS affiliates, over our highest human rights God given gift, our children. Therefore, We as AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO TAKE IT BACK, AT ANY TIME, through our State Representatives, Senators; and the U.S. Congress; they represent us, not the other way around.

The Majority of ‘CPS cases’ across America are based on anonymous callers; this call is all that’s needed to take the children from their safe and loving homes, from their parent’s arms. However, it is acceptable, and legal to make an accusation, reveal your name, and the next day, or the next month CPS discovers the allegation was false. No legal retribution is required for unjustifiably separating parent and child. Therefore, a scorned girlfriend, sour neighbor, spiteful partner, or envious family member, may legally make that call to CPS with false allegations, regardless of how untrue the allegations may be, it is up to the individual case workers to take that child or children legally from their home. In every State in the USA, law enforcement/police officers MUST obey, and respect the solo CPS caseworker’s decisions’ to take a child from their home or to leave a child with a parent or foster parent. CPS often postures’ their authority, demonstrating their power over the police department. Officers of the law MUST submit to the caseworkers; the unqualified CPS caseworkers (often thugs) smirk with authority as they request police officers to escort them into any home in the United States and legally abduct ones children OR the flip side, allowing a child to remain in a home, after a parent was arrested and charged by the police department with “child abuse” or neglect. There are numerous cases in every town where the Law Officers did not agree with CPS case worker that took the child from their safe environment, or where children were forced by CPS caseworkers to live with an abusive foster parent, even after numerous of complaints made to the police from concern citizens/neighbors, the police officers hands are tied, it is the sole decision of the individual CPS case worker to take or leave a child.

CPS may legally keep that child in “State Custody” for as long as they want too. Some States have internal rules such as returning the child in three weeks, others States its seven days, the rules were created for the CPS staff to follow, however Supervisors rarely if ever Intervene; the more children in foster care the more money that CPS branch office will receive from the federal government. It is common practice for CPS to keep the child in state custody as long as it can, even after they discover that the allegations against the parent were false. When there is a mandate such as returning the child in seven days, there is no one that is enforcing these mandates; resulting in children in foster care for three months on the average, even after CPS courts know the allegations against the parent were false.

FINALLY all CPS caseworkers, Staff and affiliates have immunity, they cannot be held legally responsible for their wrong decisions, and/or intentional cruelty. These CPS employees are acutely aware of their immunity and use this authority as leverage for personal financial and perverted gain.

The question is; Why would Children Protective Services “CPS” case workers, staff, and their numerous affiliates want to keep a child in foster care, with the foster parent, even as the evidence against the parents were found false? The short answer is that CPS became a business; it was a broken system right out of the gate. The caseworkers salary is directly affected by how many children she places into foster care. CPS staff and the local CPS affiliates salaries are directly affected by how many children are in State Custody through that the CPS office. From the Federal Government perspective this seems logical, the more children in CPS custody, the more that Office is going to need to pay the people involved, foster parents, Guardian of Light etc., but this is where the manipulation began. Local communities quickly learned how to master manipulate the Federal Acts, mandates and rules of CPS for financial gain, which currently attracts emotionally unstable individuals who were unable to hold jobs, but needed an income. Word of mouth spread quickly in the local communities, how to pay you’re rent, pay for your drugs etc., by becoming a foster parent. Predators, pedophiles, criminals, drug addicts, and uneducated adults with low-income, gravitated towards CPS foster care as a means to make ends meet; to pay their rent, put food on their table, and to pay for their alcohol or drugs. I will remind you again, the only requirements to register as a foster parent are; to have a place for the child to sleep, to display your income, disability and welfare are accepted, and the caseworker is to check for a criminal back ground. However, the caseworker may legally place the child with a “foster parent” who has a criminal background, they “are not suppose to, but every does.”

In the larger cities the majority of CPS employers, are newly arrived foreigners, they often struggle with the English language and are not familiar with American family dynamics. Just like other industries where cultures dominate a professional field, in the major US cities Children Protective Services employers and affiliates primarily are female African Nationals and first generation Mexican immigrants, Eastern block and Asian men. While in the smaller cities and rural areas CPS employees primarily are unqualified and often have criminal ties. It is safe to say the majority are uneducated and unqualified caseworkers.

Why is CPS staff and hundreds of CPS affiliates, supporting caseworkers who are detaining children away from their safe and loving parents/homes; And placing them into foster care, with an unqualified foster parent or parents?

These Atrocities began 30 years ago, after a series of laws were passed beginning in 1974. The “CAPTA Public Law 93-247” or Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act of 1974, then came the “Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980” P.L. 96-272; next the “Child Abuse Prevention, Adoption and Family Services Act of 1988 P.L. 100-294, then in 1997 the “Adoption and Safe Families Act ASFA Public Law 105-89”. Finally, “Keeping Children & Families Safe Act of 2003 P.L. 108-36” was passed.

The 1974 CAPTA: Public Law 93-227, provided Federal Funding for a “wide-ranging Federal and State Child maltreatment servicesThis was interpreted at the State level and by local communities as; we can use this Federal money to create jobs in our communities. This was the beginning of Children Protective Services becoming a business. CPS extending their department into the local communities, becoming a business for foster parents, counselors, therapist, psychiatrists, doctors, attorneys, investigators, Guardian of Light attorney’s, anger management, art classes, parental classes or any creative business one can think up that contributed to “training or guiding” parents or children which appears to the Federal Government as services, sessions or courses helping a parent or child in distress. This sounds like a well-meaning program. However, now you have a large portion of community’s salaries and livelihoods depending on children being placed into the foster care system, without children in the system these individuals do not get paid.

Next was the “Adoption Assistance Child Welfare Act of 1980, (Public Law 96-272) This Act gave financial incentives to foster parents who were willing to adopt a child. The law says; “States to make adoption assistance payments.” This was intended to decrease children living in foster care. This Act states that caseworkers make “reasonable efforts” to prevent a child from being removed from their parents; but CPS case workers & affiliates now use this term for reasons to place a child into foster care. For example, if a single father is working and cannot attend the required parenting class, the caseworker will use this terminology to support her decision to place his child into the foster care system. The caseworker states in her mandate report that the parent did not make “reasonable efforts” to regain his child. CPS also uses this term to suggest they made “reasonable efforts” to provide the parent opportunity to comply with their requests. In every CPS office there are hundreds of parents & children being separated without any allegations of child abuse or neglect.

Children Protective Services and their affiliates, under the Public law 96-272, allows a wide scope of flexibility for interpretation to take custody of child, interpreted by “Reasonable Efforts.” These CPS affiliates are on CPS’s payroll; everyone gets paid so long as children remain in foster care; with the unqualified foster parents.

Children are being held prisoners in these foster homes, without unresolved allegations of substantial neglect or abuse; for reasons such as, the parent had no transportation to attend a class; or incarcerated for a traffic violation, a parent in the hospital with cancer, or a single parent serving our country, are reasons for CPS to come in and label these parents as neglectful, using the term “Abandonment” to take these children into CPS custody.

In that case out of Michigan, the deeply disturbed CPS caseworker misused her authority by targeting her older sister, using her child as a weapon against her. The two sisters had been estranged for more then 14 years, living in different States, the attack occurred during rare visit. The mother was a successful Fashion Model in NYC, working and living in six different country’s, graduating with honors from two prestigious Colleges, including Kings College in the UK., received a BA in two years, Miss Teen Michigan, Homecoming Court, State Championship in Children’s Story telling, involved with her church, Special Olympic volunteer using her skills a skiing coach to help with the Special Olympics, began working at the age of 15 year, etc. etc. The envious over weight uneducated sister, insisted to her CPS colleagues, that her successful sister had a “mental problem” without providing the courts with any evidence of this outlandish false allegation, giving full custody to the father of the child, without a “Hearing.” In this case it states in a “Session” where CPS & Family Court case workers (one being a 64 year old man a recent Poland immigrant and other caseworker a disheveled chain smoking old hippie) both decided to give full Custody to the father, after the troubled sisters’ insistence. Both caseworkers tracked down the local Judge asserting he sign over custody. The Judge signed the document in the hallway of the courthouse. As mentioned prior; the child was given to the father, an chronic alcoholic & pot smoker, with an extensive violent criminal history, drivers license revolted from so many DUI, a 25 year old high school drop out, and who was living in a gutted out school bus with a Twice Convicted Sex Offender against children, name Don Nelson, who was currently on probation at that time, his probation stated “no contact with children.” When the mother refused to give her baby to the two convicts the mother was jailed and shackled, as the twice-convicted Sex Offender drove the father to the police station to pick up this mothers female baby. CPS would later use the mothers resistance of handing over her child to the sex offender, as reasons to terminate her parental rights, referring to it as “Arrested for Kidnapping” and “criminal behavior that jeopardized the welfare of her child.CPS never removed this baby from this life threatening environment.   Shortly after, the father was arrested again, on 12 separate charges and to serve without bail, 90 days in jail, the mother filed a Motion to reverse Custody in pro-Bono, but the small town courts ignored her Motion, and did recognize her plea.   The envious sister working for CPS was adamant that the father (with the severe substance abuse & violent history was the fit parent, living in a school bus with a convicted sex offender) was the fit parent over the, polished loving hard working successful mother.  (This broken system allowed the troubled sister to feel superior over the mothers’ accomplishment’s, as if the life of her child was pawn in a game) clearly not placing the best interest of the child first, but rather using the child as weapon against the mother.

A conflict of interest is repeated through out this case as the younger sister a CPS caseworker affiliate, misused her authority to satisfy her jealous rage towards her hard working sister, having no regards to the welfare of the child.

The courts struggle for reasons to terminate the educated loving mothers parental rights, and list reasons such as; “was not in touch with her court appointed attorney” (her phone bill does not support this claim) and “she flared her arms and hands out towards her parents” and “has an estranged relationship with her parents, sister and the father of her child.”

CPS uses generic terms is such cases as “history of drug abuse” however, CPS courts rarely bring any evidence, or an incident to support their generic term, resulting in false allegations. CPS also abuses the term “history of mental illness”  in almost every CPS Petition filed against a parent, this generic term is written as fact.    When the therapists & psychiatrists testified in favor of a parent to regain full custody of their child, the CPS case workers are addressing the courts stating that psychiatrists, doctors and professional opinions were only used in court to help CPS make their decision, and reminding the Judge’s that the legal authority was solely with CPS, and not up to the doctors, therapist, police officers and professionals who disagreed with CPS.

CPS also “plays dirty” in the case out of Michigan, the mother was bullied by the unaccountability of this system, refusing her court ordered visitations with her baby; therefore, she went to back NYC to get helped. Her court appointed CPS attorney did not inform the mother that a Trial to Terminate her parental rights was in progress; instead placed a legal notice in a New York Newspaper. Unfortunately, this doting loving educated mother never saw her baby daughter again.

The Adoption Assistance Child Welfare Act of 1980, gave foster parents and possible applicants a financial increase for fostering a child. Foster parents today are paid on average, from $408 in the South, to $3990 in Connecticut per month, per child. The difference varies from State to State, according to age, health, “Special Needs,” handicapped, or “Intensive Structural and Clinical level care.” The “Intensive Structural and Clinical”children under this category go for approximately $3990 per month. A woman in Florida living in a million dollar home, was found to have been neglecting five of these CPS “Intensive Structural” the children were tucked away and sedated in two of her bedrooms, dehydrated under weight, she used the money for her lavish life style, fostering CPS children with the Intensive Structural needs over a twelve year period. Like so many of these cases, the neighbors never saw any children at her residence during those twelve years. The main provisions of this 1980 Act, was to encourage foster parents to adopt “special needs” children, who are “AFDC-eligible.” Typically today a child goes for $600 to $1200 a month; CPS places the foster parent on their pay roll, receiving checks monthly. “Special Needschildren go for $900 to $3990 a month. While foster parents who are willing to adopt a child receive an additional sum of $2000 to $4000. These foster parents turned adoptive parents receive a Federal Adoption Tax credit, which allows new parents to receive cash refund even when you owe no taxes. They also receive health insurance incentives; again the “special needs” and “Intensive Structural” children going for the most money! According to the AACW1980 Act, a child with “special needs” is as follows:

* “Cannot be returned to the parents”

* “Has a special condition such that the child cannot be placed without providing assistance”

* “Has not been able to be placed without assistance”

With so much room for interpretation the CPS caseworkersalone “call the shots” in regards to labeling a child as a “special needs.” Not doctors, as one would assume. In another case, a CPS affiliate, was also a foster parent, which is common practice, they know the system and work it to there advantage, she registered the foster child as a “special needs” child, due to a small common birth mark called a “strawberry” or Hemangiomas, for the purpose of receiving larger checks each month. Additionally children in State Custody in “foster care” are relentlessly given unnecessary surgeries, or the flip side ignoring real conditions that need surgery, this occurs even as the parent still holds their parental rights, shockingly once that child is in custody of the State, the parents have NO basic human rights over their child. In the bold paper work of CPS it clearly states “Elective Surgery,” which indicates that the surgery was not emergency; therefore, CPS were openly NOT following the Federal Mandate, Laws & Rules that were handed to them on the Federal Level. Parents may plea and beg to these CPS caseworkers & affiliates, still the parents are disregarded, and told by the caseworkers, we don’t need your corporation, threatening the traumatized parent with terminating their parental rights. It is a string of CPS affiliates who benefit significantly from these unnecessary surgeries. In the above case the birth mother pleaded with CPS not to preform surgery on her child. The child’s doctor (not the CPS doctor) stated concerns if the surgery went wrong the child could be permanently damaged, with the possibilities of stroke or death. This desperate mother quoted the CPS law to the CPS caseworker who was making this decision; “the child in state custody may be operated on if it is a life threatening situation.” The mother pleaded to CPS that the child’s birthmark was not life threatening, yet the surgery could be life threatening, indicated by two doctors. CPS scolded and threatened the mother; the mother then pleaded with CPS to allow her to be there for her child before & after the surgeries, but CPS refused. The two year old, all alone, went through 4 barbaric unnecessary series “Elective Surgeries” while in State Custody, while the mother still held her parental rights.

It is important to point out, that CPS Supervisors, staff and caseworkers, and affiliates salary/income indirectly and directly are affected by how many children are going though the system in that particular office.

The amount of Federal Funds in which that office receives depends on how many children CPS places into “foster care.”

From the Federal Governments’ point of view this is perfectly logical, the more children in the foster care system/or are adopted out through CPS, the Federal Government has agreed to pay “incentives” and have valued each child with a price. However, the reality is far from placing a child’s best interest above the CPS caseworkers, staff, foster parents & affiliates. The reality is: caseworkers are labeling perfectly healthy children as “special needs” for profit. Caseworkers are encouraged by Supervisors to push unequipped, uneducated financial deprived, foster parentsto take on more then they can handle” by enticing them with the incentives that “special needs” children bring. Foster parents are encouraged by caseworkers to sedate/drug the “special needs” child, including toddlers and infants. The truth is that the majority of foster parents are sedating these children 24 hours a day, often the child is left in a dark locked room for days, or longer. According to CPS’s own National Records claim that 80% of children in foster care are in need of medication. This is very easy to detect, simply review the percentage of children on medication in a CPS office, and observe the type of medication. CPS caseworkers and Supervisors encourage this method, and supply the prescriptions for the unequipped foster parents. Our Federal Government pays for the drugs, to sedate the children, a large number are toddlers and babies as young as 3 months old. The result is case workers are fraudulently reporting that more then half of foster care children have “chronic medical problems.” Which automatically gives additional federal funds, to that CPS office. In their annual report CPS offices claims “80% of these children have serious emotional problems.” The fact is, the children were perfectly healthy before entering into this violent system.

The federal mandate states that foster parents in one house hold, should not take more then 4 foster children; yet CPS caseworkers and some Supervisors have allowed and coerced foster parents to take up to 18 children into one foster home, with more then half registered as “special needs,” out of greed and utterly disrespect for these children souls and lives, this is a common practice in CPS Offices throughout America. In one case, the caseworker and foster parent worked together, which is joint practice, the foster parent had 18 children being held behind closed doors of her mobile home. Neighbors repeatable made complaints, but were ignored by the caseworker who placed the children in that foster home, only after a determined Police Officer went down to the local Court house requesting a ‘Search Warrant’ permit that the children were discovered in cages, handcuffed to objects severely dehydrated and malnutrition this sole Officer freed the children. Prior to the raid by the police, the CPS caseworker phoned the foster parent tipping her off that the police were on their way to her mobile home, and to pack up the kids and leave town. This caseworker & foster parent were caught, however, due to the current system and its design, these children would normally never be detected or discovered. It is difficult to catch these perpetrators. In another similar case, the foster father was violently abusive to his wife and foster children. An 11-year-old boy was found with a large gash on his head, the foster parent had used thick red thread to sew the child’s head together with a needle, with no anesthesia. The children and toddlers were in constant terror, cowering under beds, filthy, feces and urine everywhere. This violent foster parent was registered and fostering children for the past nine years, neighbors called CPS relentlessly with concerns for the children, insisting that the children were living in terror, but because CPS placed the children with the foster parent, CPS assured the neighbors that the children were safe. Several children had been imprisoned in that home for over 5 years. This is not rare a case; the majority of children in foster care, live in constant fear, terror and violent turmoil.

Both caseworker and foster “parent” are financially benefiting at the same time, from the same deal. This is important to know, because inappropriate relationships between the caseworker and foster parent have been discovered in every office and state, and especially whenever heinous crimes of child abuse were discovered in foster care. Note worthy: I personally notice this disturbing trend/observation over 17 years ago, where case workers spent weekends at the foster parents home. In this case I witnessed the CPS caseworker spent the weekend at a young fathers house that was under CPS’s observation. The father had an extensive violent criminal history, a high school drop out, shamelessly smoked pot & drank alcohol everyday. When I brought these inappropriate incident to the CPS Supervisors; CPS agency saw this as a positive gesture, that the case worker was so dedicated to the case that she stayed over night.” But the reality was that the father & caseworker were seen in a bar together in the middle of the day drinking beer, without the baby that CPS entrusted in their care. The father was grooming the caseworker against the mother who had custody. I interviewed a young woman who partied at the house where the father resided, the case worker drank beer & smoked pot with the questionable father all day and night, the father had over 20 people coming in and out of that house for three days all hours of the night during his weekend visitation, when asked where his baby was, the witness said she saw a baby crawling in the kitchen by it self, among all the carving tools that father used, while everyone else was outside by a bonfire, she said that the poor baby was left by itself in the back room for hours at a time. In that case, the caseworker returned the baby to the mother on Sunday night after the weekend of parting, the baby began to vomit yellowish green bile, the mother asked the case worker to give her a ride to the hospital, but the caseworker said she was tired and she was gone all weekend and had to go home. The emergency doctor made his own CPS alert reports against the father, but the next day the mother, lost custody to the father, another case without a ‘Hearing.’ The Judge gave full custody to the violent father who had a substance abuse problem, CPS courts referred to as a “functionally alcoholic.” The mother who had no criminal record, four-year college degree, worked full time, involved with her church and had no allegations of neglect or abuse against her lost custody. The father simply told CPS that the mother had a history of mental illness, although CPS’s own doctors and therapists did not support this false claim. Disgracefully and falsely labeling a perfectly healthy parent. Furthermore the mother was forced to pay the unemployed father child support.

A spiteful x husband, partner or malicious person who is aiming to targeting a parent suggesting mental illness; without any further evidence the party’s involve believe the accuser without a psychiatrist, therapist or incident that supports the false claim. CPS is being used everyday in every State by troubled individuals as a weapon against innocent parents, placing the lives of children in unnecessary danger.

Inappropriate behavior between the caseworkers’ and foster parents’ was exposed and consider relevant, thanks to Senator Nancy Schaefer’s from Georgia, who reported on this topic in her 2007 report entitled “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.” 

Download (PDF, 113KB)

There is another relevant note that must be addressed here:

Thousands of children yearly are lost in the system; thousands of them go missing each year. If the CPS caseworker does not tell anyone that child is missing no one will know. Parents are told by the CPS caseworkers, “your child is in a loving home, she is doing well you have no need to worry.” These generic statements are emphasized adamantly to parents, as their parental rights are in the process of being terminated. If a ‘well meaning’ caseworker discovers that a child is being abused by the foster parent, inevitably that case worker will keep that crime hidden, due to the fact that it was her/his responsibility to ensure that home/foster parent was suitable, she could lose her job and reputation. In rare cases, when a genuine caseworker puts a child’s safety above the security of her job, the caseworker would bring this information to her CPS Supervisor, however, now the Supervisors job, reputation and that CPS office’s status is on the line, for placing a child into an abusive foster home. Therefore, the Supervisor could lose her job, and reputation, so Children Protective Services chooses NOT to address the issue of the very real sadistic abuse of a child in the foster home, at the hands of unstable foster parents, unlike the non-existing/ or minor concerns of the actual loving parents of the child.

The Child Abuse Prevention, Adoption and Family Services Act of 1988 P.L. 100-294. This Act was an attempt to correct unforeseen results that occurred in Act 1980. The main provisions were to “establish a national data collection system to include standardized data on false, unfounded or unsubstantiated cases and the number of deaths due to child abuse and neglect” (although it is not addressed the abuse & deaths they are concerned about is with the children being placed in these foster homes) and “expanded the adoption opportunities program.” The data was collected and a few State’s developed their own watchdog State agency’s to watch over the state CPS’s misconduct, such as the Children Ombudsman Agency in Michigan, I have worked with these agency’s; they collect the disturbing data, but regretfully explain they do not have the authority to do anything with this information, nor does anyone. In one case after the watch dog agency Children Ombudsman collected the data that was in favor of the mother and against the CPS Court that stole her parental rights. After it was revealed that the CPS Courts and local Courts violated 19 separate rules and laws, which resulted in the termination of this mother & fathers (who were not a couple) parental rights. The Court was “Fined” after the mother filed grievances against the courts and CPS. In a rare acknowledgement the Michigan Attorney General office along with a State Representative encourage this mother to Sue the State for Custody, the attorney’s she met with wanted no less then $100,000 as a retainer. Unfortunately, she did not have the funds to Sue the State, simultaneously the relentless stress caused this traumatized mother ulcers, stomach cancer, severe anemic and chromes disease all within months of being permanently separated from her child, bringing the progress to save her child to a halt; allowing the Injustice to continue and the fate of her daughter unpredictable. This cycle of injustice continues in every State in America. A vibrate healthy mother and child becoming permanent victims.

One can begin to understand the trapped chaos that currently exists for an innocent parent who has been forced through no fault of their own, to defend themselves with no armor against CPS, who do not play by ethical rules or legal laws.

In 1997, the adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) Public Law 105-89) was passed; this law exasperated the already existing problem, by shortening the time children spent in foster care, therefore, cementing CPS as business. ‘American Children’ are the product, with large financial gains and incentives going to the (local) communities. Additional financial incentives were given to the CPS staff & affiliates to Terminate Parents Rights within a 15 months period, therefore titling the already fragile balance of authority from the child’s actual parents to the foster parent. Now the foster parent has more authority over the child, then the actual parents. While the folks who are manipulating the system are acutely aware of this particular hole in this broken system, unlike the vulnerable parents. This was apparent in the case where CPS operated on the toddler birthmark more then three times. The mother opposed performing surgery on her child, and was not allowed to comfort, visit, or see her child before or after the surgeries, while the foster parent had the privileged to comfort, visit or attend the surgeries and hospital, but choose not too.

The 1997 ASFA PublicLaw 105-89,was intended to “correct problems” that Congress believed the AACW 1980 Law, created “deterred adoptions of children with ‘special needs.’ Congress believed that States interpreted the law as “requiring families be kept together no matter what.” However, in the 17 years I have researched this subject, I saw no evidence of children with “special needs” remaining with their abusive birth parents due to the 1980 ASFA act/law. What I did discover, were overwhelmed and loving concerned parents, reaching out to their local Welfare Agency’s for guidance about the cost and time that their realspecial needs” child was requiring; inquiring about State & Federal programs to support this single loving parent. Repulsively, one day after the parent left that welfare office, a CPS caseworker was making arrangements to have that child be taken from their home. No abuse, no neglect allegations, but later, CPS would use the mothers own words; when she inquired about possible programs that may support her child with “special needs” against her to terminate her parental rights. After several months of living in foster care, the CPS case worker coerced the over whelmed parent to adopt their child out with terms like, “it is best for your child to have a loving home where you will know all his needs are being met” or “your child is going to suffer because you cannot afford to take care of him” or “we have loving homes waiting, and your child will have a wonderful life.” The truth is the majority of these “special needs” children are not cared for, they are not given basic needs, food, water, sleep and safety; love and kindness is not in the equation. Unfortunately the word “special needs” comes with medication that sedates these children. It is easy to understand how a child can get lost in the system; the mother believes the case worker that he child is fine, the child is assigned to an unequipped foster parent; the case worker moves the child the next county, and or out of State, losing track of the child, the child is only a file and the case worker has more then 54 files. Out of convenience the CPS caseworker tosses files in the trash. In the past ten years’ children are being moved out of the country, often to Mexico as well as other countries to a distant relative, or else where, yet all these children are American citizens. In another CPS case a beautiful smart five-year-old white girl was sent to live with her distant Mexican uncle, who she never met, only to be raped and murdered one week later. The mother a College educated loving white suburban woman and the Mexican father had a domestic dispute, CPS took custody of their child, (the mother was a victim of this dispute) The caseworker choose to send the American child to Mexico with her uncle that the mother or child never met. Note, everyone’s hands are tied once a caseworker makes a decision.

The Uncle who raped & murdered the child, blamed the caseworker, it was her responsibility to check on that child, insisting that the caseworker placed the child somewhere else. In these cases, the caseworker often says nothing, she does not report the foster parents whose children are turning up missing from their homes, simply because it will cost her job, reputation, and the Offices reputation. In this case the body of the child was found, still with duck tape over her mouth, with evidence of relentless brutal rapes. CPS Supervisors in every State are covering up missing children and murdered children for the same reasons. View mothers plea for Justice.

There is no one to challenge either of them? Except the traumatized parents who have been silenced by society, due to the fact that they’re child was taken into State custody by CPS or their parental rights were terminated. Their cry’s and pleas falls on death ears, because society made a false assumption that the parent must be guilty of something.

1997 ASFA Public Law tainted the already disproportional balance of the CPS agencies, favoring foster parents over the actual parents. But the most extreme change was how, ASFA amended “Title IV-E of the Social Security Act” regarding funding. At the State and Local levels CPS Offices interpreted this law as, a financial free for all, unlimited federal funds for the entire community. As I mentioned prior, days after the 1997 ASFA law was put into effect Children Protective Services became a Business, the product; American Children. This law was intended to “shift emphasis towards children’s health and concerns, away from the policy of reuniting children with their birth parents.” In the business of CPS, children’s’ well being is never considered; on the contrary terminating parental rights has become a big business. American children for sale; with thousands of dollars of “incentives,” going to the CPS affiliates involved in the process of terminating parental rights, for example every child in foster care is assigned to its own attorney, called the Guardian of Light, this Attorney is placed on CPS payroll. An attorney registered to be a “Guardian of Light” in any community can be sure of constant and regular income coming from CPS for 20 to 30 years.

Guardian of Light attorney’s are suppose to represent the best interest of the child, however, 96% of the time the Guardian of Light is just another voice for CPS’s false claims against the parents.

In the case out of Michigan involving the envious sister/CPS caseworker, the Prosecutor turned against the troubled sister and was fired from CPS.  Then held a Reverse Custody Hearing in behalf of the mother.  After the mother won her child back, the obsessive envious sister hired her own attorney to intervene, NOT to gain custody of her sister’s child, but to have the child placed in State custody permanently. Horrifyingly this deeply disturbed sister was successful. To further manipulate the system, she registered as a foster parent, to receive monthly checks for the duration of this child’s, childhood. If she would of asked for custody and went through the Family Courts, this deeply disturbed woman (sister/CPS caseworker) would not receive monthly checks, furthermore, she would of never received custody of her sister’s child over the loving educated hard working mother.

The 1997 Title IV of Social Security Act,created a long list of financial benefactors at the local levels; the majority CPS office’s have more then 300 employees, per county, which does not include the hundreds of CPS affiliates who are paid under the umbrella of the CPS Federal Funds that covers a wide scope of employees. CPS Supervisors, CPS case workers, CPS staff, foster parents, adoptive parents, attorney’s, counselors, therapist, psychiatrists, investigators, multiple sub-state agencies such as ‘Family First,’ private agency’s, magistrates, classes, child well fare research, child development, trauma crisis intervention programs, pediatrics, emergency medicine, psychological and mental health, civil law, criminal law, probate law, education, substance abuse treatments, to name a few. All these agencies, individuals and titles receive their salaries or an additional income from Children Protective Services “CPS.” These employees dependent on children being placed in the foster care system. All these employees have, the blood on their hands from the raped babies, to the tortured and murdered children that occur yearly.

With this information one can begin to understand why a wealthy loving parent like Rosie O’Donnell would be turned away by CPS to adopt a American child. While the drunken male on disability is given 12 children to care for in his trailer; the locals make money from these children in troubling foster homes. Children Protective Services has nothing to do with protecting children.

It disturbing and bewildering at first glance, why CPS staff and affiliates would write out false petitions with misleading information, falsely accuses innocent parents of neglect. However, the 1997 Act was intended to shorten the time that a child spends in foster care, by “terminating parental rights within 15 months,” to “develop permanency.”

Marilyn Rainwater a retired Oklahoma CPS Supervisor, who worked for CPS for 35 years says; “It was drilled into Supervisors on the local levels, if the case worker did not meet the mandates “moving kids quickly in and out of the system” (case workers interpret this as taking custody of the child & quickly terminating their parental rights) “if the federal mandates were not met, then that CPS office would not receive the federal funds that is needed to keep that office open.” There are now penalties given out from the Federal Government, to assure these CPS offices deliver their numbers, that the Federal Government or their State Commissioner are mandating. The “performance evaluations” must be met so that the annual reports reflects the mandates, unfortunately Children Protective Service has become a number game, Children’s best interest are not even considered. What’s troubling is that the CPS policy term “moving kids quickly in and out of the system” was originally created by the Federal Government to move the children quickly home back with their parents, however CPS staff interpret this term as moving the children quickly out of the system; terminating innocent parental rights. Retired CPS Supervisor Marilyn Rainwater has “vowed to dedicate the rest of her life to expose the horrors that are occurring daily in the current CPS Industry” Rainwater screamed out to a packed auditorium at the Sister Giant conference “we are killing babies hundreds of them, they are being raped and tortured every year, no one is doing anything about it!”

Retired CPS supervisor Rainwater continued: “Over worked case workers, began to falsify their paper work to reach their “mandatory financial numbers.” The Federal Act requires them to either go through the long process of reuniting the child with the parent, which requires the caseworker to cover out of the office “field work.” Including having to supervise each parental/child visitations etc. OR the case worker could remain at her desk and write out fabricated CPS Petitions to “move quickly” to terminate parental rights, which the Act refers to as “permanency planning.” A CPS caseworker that has 70 cases ultimately does not have the time to reunite every child with the parents, so loving parents become victims of unequipped caseworkers. This has become “common practice” with CPS caseworkers, in every State. With more children moving through the system the more the CPS/local communities financially benefit. The cycle continues, as an anonymous caller or an identified caller, makes false allegations against a vulnerable parent. With less merchandise (less children) in the system, CPS quickly reacts to these bogus calls, taking children from their safe and loving households, as case workers begin the process by knowingly fraudulently fills out her paper work to terminate an innocent parents rights, to lessen the caseworkers “case load.” The Federal Government throws more money at this corrupt Industry crossing its fingers that the State and local communities will figure it out. However, clearly increasing funds to resolve the problems in the CPS industry has caused fuel to the fire.

Some of the “Major Provisions” of the 1997 ASFA Public Law 105-89, are as follows:

*Requires that States move to Terminate Parental Rights of children who have been in Foster Care for 15 months out of 22 months

*Requires that “Permanency Hearing” be held every 12 months

At the local levels’ CPS staff interprets’ this Act/law as, a child involved with CPS for “up to” a 15 month period, begins the process of terminating parental rights. Even when the child spent only 3 weeks of that 15 months, due to two bogus allegations, even after the child was returned to the parent both times due to false allegations, CPS may still begin the process of terminating parental rights; that is if the anonymous/or identified person calls a third time and its in the 15 month period from the original call, CPS moves in to terminate that parents rights, basing the termination on the 3 bogus calls. Even though all three separate petitions ended with the child being returned to the parent, furthermore, lazy or overstretched case workers are pressured to “make their numbers” begin the process of terminating the rights of the parent, under the Acts intentions to “develop permanency” even after their own CPS Courts found that the allegations had no truth, no merit. Additional Provisions are:

*Clarifies Cases, Not required to Reunite Families

*Provides Incentives for States to Improve Adoption “rates”

*Expands Health Care Coverage for Adoptive children

* Provides Funding for Efforts at Encouraging Adoption

* State Boundaries should not delay adoption

Another common practice in CPS offices is to take (abduct) children and begin to terminate parent’s rights, when a single parent is hospitalized or in incarcerated, even for minor offenses, like a traffic violation. As this ASFA 1997 Act supports this action. Thousands loving parents, that find themselves in a vulnerable situation may lose their parental rights, as the CPS case worker & affiliates argue that the child has been removed from the parent and has resided in foster care for the period of 15 months. American soldiers have lost their parental rights through CPS for serving our country. CPS defines these parents as “not attending to the emotional health and well being of their child,” or labeling them as “abandoning” their children. When there is no allegation of neglect or abuse, CPS uses generic terminology for the backdrop to all their Petitions. For example, “history of criminal convictions, when referring to one DUI, or “History of substance abuse, mental illness or violence, without including a doctors name, or police report or incident supporting this broad (false) claim. Without any evidence or support they use terms like “unwillingness to provide a safe environment for this child” or “parent is unwillingness to corporate, therefore the child is suffering emotional or traumatic abuse.” When nothing could be further then the truth!

The thousands of cases I have reviewed ‘no allegations of abuse or neglect need NOT to be present against a parent to terminate American parental rights.

Unqualified/uneducated CPS caseworkers allow no mercy for a vulnerable parent.

Another CPS Supervisors revealed to me, that they are in “crisis mode constantly covering up their dirty deeds plowing over children and families as if they were only numbers on a paper, constantly deleting numbers and falsely adding numbers;” ‘numbers’ are children. ‘Cooking the books’ by faking the numbers/reports to show that the caseworker made field visits to the foster parents homes, and made “reasonable efforts” to keep the child with the birth parent, etc. Or to present on paper that the caseworker made a field visit to a complaint, but did not.

In 2003, the “Keeping Children and families Safe Act of 2003. The main purpose for this Act, was to amend and improve the 1974 (CAPTA) through FY 2008, the Adoption Opportunities Act, the abandoned Infants Assistance Act, and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act. The Major Provisions of the Act are:

  • Authorize & Expand research programs
  • Emphasized enhanced linkages between CPS, public health, mental health & disabilities agencies.
  • Mandate changes to policies, procedures and provisions; one change is to have initial contact with the individual with the person who is accused.
  • Addressing the training of CPS workers.
  • CPS required to disclose/allow any information about the parent to the Federal State & local governments that may need this information.
  • Increase the number of older foster children in adoptive families, creating more grants to “eliminate barriers,” to move children through different States, and other countries.
  • To prohibit grants to the applicant unless (the foster parent) agrees to give priority to infants and young children.

This last power point; may be the reasons, that statistics show that 82% of the children murdered in CPS are under the age of 5 years old; Folks who are looking for higher pay outs, “grants” from the federal government, register to care for these children under 5 years old; unqualified and uninterested foster parents are caring for these babies, which results in severe forms of torture and neglect, and murder.

All these Federal Acts/Laws were inspected before the Federal Government. USA Congress had well intentions in improving these guidelines and rules, having children’s best interest in mind. Unfortunately, these laws including the 2003 KCFS created an even larger network of CPS affiliates, in the local communities, creating new agencies, such as research programs and disabilities agency’s. There are now any where from 10 to 30 CPS affiliated agencies in each State, and each agency has approximately from 50 to 400 employers. Therefore, throwing concrete on a tumultuous broken system, that is administrated by folks who resemble thugs. Dooming innocent children lives, to be sacrificed and destroyed for the financial gain for their communities. Hundreds of local individuals now depend on CPS for their incomes/salaries, which depends solely on how many children, are in foster care and how many parents are in process of having their parental rights terminated. Resulting in thousands of tortured, missing and murdered children each year.

One of the many unintended results of the 2003 and 1997 Act, was that Congress assumed, that once parental rights were terminated, that the child would be free to be adopted out into “permanency” a permanent home. However, my sources believe that more than 400,000 parental rights were terminated in 2011 and only 50,516 children were adopted into permanent homes that same year. However, CPS offices are ‘cooking the books’ to suggest that the number of parental rights that were terminated was equal to the number of children who were adopted into permanent homes. To suggest the number of children being adopted is equal to the number of parental rights that were terminated is preposterous. CPS Supervisors on all levels are simply giving the answers (numbers) that the government wants to hear, to assure funding for their CPS office. Leaving thousands of children with foster parents, exposing a large gap to the intended purpose of these amended Acts/laws.

Our government has no system in place to estimate how many adoptions were a successes or how many have failed. We cannot assume that in 2011, all 50,516 children who were adopted out through this untrustworthy broken system are safe and cared for by their foster parent turned adopted parent.

The undocumented problem of deaths, sexually abused and violent mistreatment in post adopted children lies in the foster care adoption process.

The USA policy ion adoption is “once the adoption has been finalized “consummated, this family is treated as any other family” and CPS is dismissed, monitoring post adoption is not required by federal standards. Post adoption association is to support and offer services, not investigations. “There are no authorities statistics on the number of adoptions that failed, (abused, sexually assaulted or killed) no reliable source for post adoption services;” unlike Russia.

The broken gaps in the CPS Industry developed a treacherous practice called “Rehoming,” this is when adults who’ve legally adopted children through CPS, decide to sell, trade, or give away, their unwanted children to other adults through the internet; Shockingly this has occurred between local communities for over 20 years and was not illegal.

“Kay” a victim of post adoption abuse, was “rehomed” three consecutive times. After her first “forever parent” dumped her 10 days after the adoption was finalized; only to experience the same physical abuse and rejection two more times. Kay published a report in 2000, pleading to the public that adopters be monitored after the order is granted, and for the children to have access to (outside) support when they need it.

Only a couple of months ago in March 2014 the Senate “approved” “a bill that would bar people from transferring custody of children without going through a government agency.” State Representative Joel Kleefisch commented on this practice; “currently there is as much background check as someone buying something at Wal-Mart, God only knows what is happening to these children in our country.”

National “intelligence” like the Child Maltreatment Report, is misleading. For instances when reviewing the statistics on foster parents abusing children verses the birth parents, the high numbers, suggest birth parents abusing their children, is based on the CPS’s “accusations” & allegations, not on Fact. With the parent presumably guilty until proven innocent, once the allegations are proven false, CPS has no obligation to document the Facts, into reported records. Therefore, misleading the regulators on the federal level who depend on these false reports to make adjustments to the system. From first hand experience of over 17 years, as a child advocate researching the CPS Industry, my estimates are that close to ¾ of parents who are accused by “CPS” are innocent. While sources believe that more then 87% of foster parents maltreat the children in their care. CPS does NOT report or document foster parents who have abused, tortured in their foster child, due to the caseworkers & Supervisors accountability. The only numbers that “Child Maltreatment Report” would have against the maltreatment of a foster parent is from local Police Departments. Unfortunately, the Children’s Bureau division, from the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services who wrote the report on Child Maltreatment, receives their information solely on Children Protective Services. There is no agency in place that connects the foster parent who was convicted of child abuse with CPS, for National data purposes. Parents who have been convicted of severe child abuse are still allowed to raise their children, while parents who have never been charged or accused of abuse or neglect from the police department, are losing there parental rights permanently. Often CPS agency’s are in conflict with the local police departments. Astonishingly, parents who have killed their child, and serving long prison sentences; have not lost their parental rights, are free to contact/visits with their other children. While the well-respected highly educated mother living in New York City, author of an award winning children’s book, with no criminal record and no history of violence or drugs, has her parental rights permanently terminated, after she received one DUI in a State where she knew no one. I am referring to the case out of Michigan, involving the disturbed sister who worked for CPS and was envious of her estranged sisters successes. CPS searched for reasons to terminate this mothers parental rights, labeling the mother as Abandoning her child. After CPS refused her court visitations, the mother went back to her home State to get help, while her Court appointed attorney did not inform of a Trial that was pending to unjustly terminate her parental rights.

It is perplexing and disturbing that CPS caseworkers use their authority, posturing over financially secure and sincere American citizens who express an interest in adopting American children in foster care; CPS caseworker makes it difficult for these families; therefore they go over seas to adopt. I could easily write an extensive Report explaining why caseworkers are NOT looking for stable, loving families to adopt American children out of CPS.

The 2003 KCFS Act, targets and re-victimized parents who lost their parental rights, by allowing local, State and Federal entities to review CPS claims, therefore, innocent parents are re-victimized. With more then 2/3 of parents found innocent of all of CPS allegations, the State, local and Federal entities, may incorrectly label that parent, resulting in job lost, effecting legal violations, renting, buying, and sabotaging their reputation. The CPS paper work and Petitions that are made available to these entities have no obligation to explain or show that the parent was innocent of all allegations.

Additionally, Children Protective Services “Policy Manual” each of these laws are tweaked and adjusted annually by the *State Legislators and/or at the *Federal level. Presumably, for the States, “Policy Developer Units” whom work together with the States “Legal Units” for the purpose of creating a comprehensive “CPS Policy manual.” CPS staff and Supervisors are not monitored; they are not respecting mandated rules and welfare standards and guidelines that

the Federal Government put in place to protect our families and our children. These rules/Acts/guidelines/and Laws, created in good faith with good intentions by our lawmakers.

The Children Protective Services agency in every State has become a moneymaking Industry, a full functioning “racket.” The product, children; the target, vulnerable parents: uproar of corruption and acts of inconceivable cruelty, like the State Mental Hospitals that came before. In the 1970’s Dr. Robert Felix director of the National Institute of Mental Health when asked to give an explanation for closing every State Mental Hospital said: “we had to take drastic measures and shut down every State Mental Hospital/facility.” For over 100 years the public knew mental patients were severely abused, but the notion of letting mental patients out into the public was to risking, nobody had any solutions. Dr. Robert Felix said, “we saw too many people who shouldn’t have been there.” So finally in 1973, they began to shut down/close the doors to every State hospital in the United States. The mental health industry is not perfect, but it is more humane.

In 2012 alone, 650,000 plus were legally abducted from their homes, schools and playgrounds. In 5-years, that’s’ 3,250,000 children on average forced to become CPS’s victims. Additionally that averages to, 6,500,000 million parents lives traumatized over a five-year period, for many of these parents their lives have been destroyed. Rarely has one reported these atrocities, simply because any parent that brings these injustices to the public, the public assumes that there must be some truth to the allegations because of CPS involvement.  Therefore, the general public does not give them benefit of the doubt, allowing this calamity to continue, and silencing hundreds of thousands of innocent parents.

As mentioned on the first page, the final victim is the Federal Government. The corrupt Children Protective Services agency’s, and their local affiliates have been manipulating this system, out of greed pulling the wool over the Federal Governments eyes for more then 25 years. And for that period it has been almost fool proof for any outsider to catch the perpetrators in the act or make a conviction.

Anyone that is remotely close to the CPS Industry knows what’s going on, and we all want to cover our ears and close our eyes and say, “NO this cannot be true!

What were we thinking allowing our precious infants, toddlers and children to be taken by deeply disturbed, the emotionally unstable individuals in our communities, and giving them the responsibility to feed and bath these children and having faith that they are safe while they sleep?

Ironically CPS case workers, almost never take children away from their abusive foster homes, because it would reflected on that case workers work performance; foster parents are exempt from the CPS process due to the way this system is set up. Whatever is going on behind closed doors is sealed; protecting the predators and perpetrators. Notoriously, CPS caseworkers have an unwritten and verbal agreement with foster parents that they will call first, before making a visit. Therefore, not abiding with the Policy Manual.

Senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia took on the massive and overwhelming task, exposing the sadistic cruelty of “Children Protective Services.” Schaefer sought the help of retired Federal Investigator Bill Bowen, after a 4-year investigation; in 2007 Senator Schaefer wrote a comprehensive report on “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.”

Download (PDF, 113KB)

Schaefer uncovered the bold cruelty of CPS and believed that the system is to corrupt and entangled with local communities and high racking agencies that it could NOT be reformed. Schaefer believed she lost her re-election due to her earnest concerns for the innocent lives of thousands & thousands children being murdered in this Federally Funded program. Nancy Schaefer served as a USA Senator, from 2004 to 2008. After Federal Investigator, Bill Bowen discovered the horrors of CPS, he choose to make a 30-minute documentary entitled “Innocence Destroyed” on Children Protective Services, appalling Corruption:

You may find this short video on you-tube..

In 2010, Nancy and Bruce Schaefer (her husband) agreed to finance Bill Bowen’s next video; intended to extend the information and understanding to the public on “how and why” Children Protective Services has become a Business, an Industry infested with thugs, unequipped staff, predators, and outright criminals. In March 2010, Senator Nancy Schaefer was killed, along with husband. To this day no one has been held responsible or even considered in either killings. A few months later retired Federal Investigator Bill Bowen mysteriously died, and social media screamed foul play. Bowen’s daughter acknowledged the suspicious timing of her dad’s death, but pleaded for privacy due to her own daughter’s safety. The local police claim that Senator Nancy Schaefer’s husband killed his wife and then himself. But the evidence does not support this claim.

Over one year after the death of this Senator and her husband, there was no tombstone or pavement laid for their graves. The Schaefer’s names are on a tiny marquee, like one would see in a cafeteria line, marking their burial. In a photo I observed on the Internet, Senator Nancy Schaefer’s marquee was visibly kicked in.

If you are just learning about these ongoing American Atrocities that originate from the federally funded Children Protective Services, “CPS.” one may suppose there is a conspiracy. This in NOT a conspiracy, I have spent 17 years of my life dedicated to this subject, it is simply the local Children Protective Services “CPS” communities, CPS employers and affiliates, who have learned how to manipulate the holes in this system for their own desires. Perpetrators and predators have gravitated naturally towards a system in where their needs are being met, financially and perversely.

These wrongdoers will go to extremes to prevent the truth and hide the corruption behind CPS Industry. Protecting their own perverted interest and their reputation.

Because our society ironically considers’ acts of cruelty against children particular heinous, these CPS staff & affiliates will fight tooth and nail against anyone attempting to expose this vulgar CPS Industry, and frantically covering up their brutal and torturous results.

Is this what we have become? Is this the kind society we want? Sacrificing our children for the purpose of greed.

We have become a society that submits and suppress the evidence, quietly saying; “I don’t want to know this,” believing they are not in position to do something about these atrocities. But the truth is CPS authority has permanently silenced thousands & thousands of these loving parents by terminating their parental rights, while thousands of children every year are currently forced to live in violent turmoil in these hellish prisons; these victims cannot do anything to save themselves. BUT you, and our society can value these souls, by shutting down and closing every door of Children Protective Services, or whatever names your State is using under the umbrella of Children Protective Services.

Any attempt to “Reform” to correct the “Acts/laws” that came before; would result in failure; within weeks there would arrive new thugs with knowledge on how to manipulate this new system.


The solution is Orphanages. Beautiful homes for children, smothered with love and education: A place that resembles a beautiful loving home, with highly educated loving employees, with the highest of standards such as the Montessori system. Years ago our well meaning society had faith in our community’s to take children into their homes whom were in vulnerable situations. Never imagining these children would be raped, tortured murdered in these homes, year after year. With no consequences for the people that placed them into harms way, furthermore paying the violent perpetrators who caused these atrocities. In today’s society it is unreasonable and insane that we are entrusting these unstable adults, on disability, unemployment, and who cannot hold a steady job to care for our infants, toddlers, and children.

THIS IS 2014, we have camera’s, surveillance, we can easily require the highest education prior to working at/or with, these warm and loving group homes, with nothing but the newest and best facilities, with the most loving from our communities to care for these children, monitoring the employers who worked at these “Homes.” I am convinced this would work in today’s society. And it would attract all theright”people, who truly adore and love children, all these children will be our children.

As an adult I ask you? Would you rather been abused by your parents, or raped and tortured for years by an unstable stranger? And for so many of these little ones, they are tortured, murdered and completely forgotten.

God bless any foster parent who has given a loving & safe home to these vulnerable children.

I VOW to be a voice for these voiceless children that never had a chance!! I VOW to protect and prevent American children and their Parents from being future victims of the broken Industry called Children Protective Services “CPS.”

Corruption trials shed light on blood money flowing through Massachusetts DCF, Courts

blood-money1[1]BOSTON, This month, dozens of high level Massachusetts politicians enjoyed immunity in exchange for their testimony in the corruption, bribery, and racketeering trials of various legislators and family court probation officers charged with running an organized crime right through their State offices. Several co-conspirators have been convicted and jailed, leaving Massachusetts leaders with important questions to answer about the human toll organized crime may have taken on the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable families? Are the Probation Department’s ineffective “offender rehabilitation” programs paid for with the blood of Massachusetts taxpayers?

Regardless, Massachusetts leaders are now faced with the question of how to go about empowering good judges, social workers, and probation officers who are committed to rescuing themselves and the State’s most vulnerable families [from the system itself?]  In order to answer this question, we need to have a real conversation about why these same corrupt courtroom cronies repeatedly failed to save Jennifer Martel’s life? Where was the Department of Children and families?

Most men voluntarily engage in safe, loving relationships with their families. But Martel’s boyfriend and murderer Jared Remy was not most men, he was the son of a celebrated Red Sox sportscaster and a violent criminal. By September 2011, Remy’s privately bankrolled defense attorney Peter Bella had convinced Massachusetts judges to close a staggering 18 cases charging Remy with dozens of traffic, violence and/or drug related related offenses.

Instead of providing services to Remy’s victims to help them recover and stay safe, Remy was rewarded by the State with leniency, therapy, allies, advocate, and other State benefits which his victims did not enjoy.  The State also targeted victims who reported Remy’s violent crimes by providing the offender with a fraudulently obtained restraining order, even awarding the Remy family sole and joint custody of the victim’s child. The court sealed the case after allowing the Remy family to terrorize the young teen mother through caustic, intrusive and expensive litigation spanning several years.

The sole beneficiaries of these State programs appears to be limited to the vendors who provided the services, as ultimately, the State’s sponsorship of Remy’s violent crime spree allowed it to continue undetected for almost 20-years.

At the time of Martel’s murder, Remy’s record was virtually clean. Only twice did the courts find Remy guilty, and on ten occasions, the courts outright dismissed the charges against him. The courts also granted Remy continuances without findings (CWOF’s) that resulted in dismissals on six other occasions.

Yesterday marked perhaps the first time in history that the Massachusetts court system created a meaningful plan to protect the public from one of the system’s best customers when it sentenced Jared Remy to life in prison without the possibility of parole for stabbing Martel to death in front of their 4-year-old daughter and several onlookers in August 2013. Remy’s arrest brought an abrupt end to the violent career predator’s court endorsed crime spree, kicking off the only peaceful time some of his victims may have ever known.

But according to Attorney Bella, there was no “pay to play” scandal involved with Remy’s case because Remy never received any special treatment from the courts.

In other words, the Remy case was just some deadly business as usual in the Massachusetts courts.

“If there’s a sign of hope that arises from Martel’s vicious murder,” says former prosecutor Wendy Murphy, “let it be that the public takes a closer look at the gushing flow of money from DC that literally rewards violent male offenders with cash, therapy and training programs AFTER they get in trouble with the courts for assaulting the crime victims who live with them.”

Read more at:Corruption trials shed light on blood money flowing through Massachusetts DCF, Courts


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DoCS attacking families in Queensland – The Turmoil Goes On and on and on and never stops with DoCS Queensland

Australian-Institute-of-Family-Studies-Do-some-proper-research-on-child-protection-in-Australia1DoCS attacking families in Queensland
The Turmoil Goes On and on and on and never stops with DoCS Queensland 

I was 19 when I had my first son. I had no idea on how to raise a child. I had no support nothing. I was with someone who abused me daily and I stayed thinking it was the right thing to do. Then I fell pregnant with my second son while still in the same relationship. I never received any help and was still getting abuse, until he tried to kill me. I took my son and I finally left.

I met someone new and within a few months I fell pregnant again.

I was left standing on my own and I moved back home after I had my baby girl thinking it was the best thing to do. I was wrong, it wasn't. In the mix of all this, my ex took my boys while he was on drugs, he drinks and smokes.

For 5 months, I missed their lives cause of the court system. Not just that.

I called DoCS on my ex cause he keep my babies lock up in a house and they end up with school sores. DoCS told me I had no right as a Mum.

Then I did get them back and move to my mums.

In September 2013, I got with my new man, he is so good to me and my kids. He has raise my baby girl and my two boys as his own. The day before Christmas my son broke his leg by playing around.

DoCS got called on me. They come out and could find anything and closed the case. I keep ring them every time my kids hurt themselves and got told by DoCS to stop calling other wise I was going to be charge for harassment.

Four weeks later my son had his cast off and we move in to a new house. He was playing with some other kids riding bikes and re-broke his leg by accident. At the same time my oldest boy got a boil on his tummy.

The boil left a hole in is tummy, so I took him up to the hospital and he got an infection from the hospital. The hospital blamed me for it. My kids got taken away again.

I am fighting for them back we already have done a parenting program and doing counseling and this was done before they ask us to.

I'm now pregnant with my 4th child and got told from DoCS, if I went to every appointment and look after myself I would get to keep him but now they told us he is going into care without giving us a chance.

I don't smoke or do drugs or even drink nor does my current partner.

All DoCS have done is lie to us and won't help in anyway. We ring them all the time to get stuff done. As a result of all the stress I am under, I have been admitted to hospital


By Anonymous in Queensland, as told to Luke's Army

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